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Quick Weekend Update

Friday was Cathy’s birthday and birthday celebration at her and Sarah’s place. Sarah didn’t pull any punches with the party, she went all out. She got a cup-cake shaped piñata, party poppers, pin the tail on the donkey, rootbeer floats, cupcakes, chocolate fondue, and many, many jello shots. It was a good time and a very good turn out. There had to have been over 50 people over all at one point there had to have been 30+. I was also so pleased to get to see Derek at the party who I don’t see too often. Most importantly, Cathy was pleased with her party and she was super excited and surprised to see that Doug came home a day early from a work trip to be there. Cathy had a good time. I had a good time, there was some drama but nothing too bad.

Saturday was definitely a hangover day. I did a little grocery shopping at Trader Joe's and made Andy and I a HUGE brunch of French toast (one of my few specialties), bacon and sausages. I managed to cook more than enough food to make us uncomfortably full. We lazed around at my apartment for a while until it was time for me to go bartend at the theatre.

Sunday there was softball practice for the Schmee vs. Annex game that’s coming up next week. I had a lot of fun practicing but now I’m in pain. I gave a shot a playing catcher for a little while and all that up and down is killing me today. My back, my left thigh and leg all hurt and are stiff today. Eek. Not a bad weekend at all, it’s just that, they’re going by WAY too fast.

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