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Things are really starting to get moving on the London front.


I got the info I needed from the school and quickly got to work on my visa application. I did the on-line part yesterday. That part was actually easy in comparison to the more complicated supporting forms I have to fill out and mail in with financial info and such. I got my appointment to go in and have my fingerprints digitally scanned as well. Then after that I’ll send in all my supporting documents apparently including my passport. This makes me nervous. I mean, I understand why they need it to give me a visa it’s just. I’ve had that thing close on me or in a very safe place since I got it six years ago. I’m not comfortable with it out of my sight. That and my Washington ID expired back in December and I never got ‘round to going to the DMV to get another one I just started using my passport. Shit, when I send my passport away that leaves me with out valid ID. I won’t be able to buy smokes or booze or go to bars--unacceptable. So it looks like I have to go to the DMV, luckily Andy needs to as well so we’ll make a day of it and have company.


Also, this morning I got my offer for accommodation. I’ve been really nervous and waiting for that for a couple weeks as well. I started getting nervous when I realized that the hall I marked as my 1st choice (only because it was the cheapest and a bit far away but I don’t mind a walk) when I applied I learned didn’t have internet in the rooms. That’s not cool. I need internet in my room for school and to communicate with friends at home at all hours what with the 8 hour time difference and that. Luckily, I didn’t end up in that hall. Instead I’ll be living here, for postgraduates only, closer to campus and everything. I Apparently it will look something like this. So yeay! I don’t care that it costs more. My heart sank when I thought I wasn’t going to have internet available in the privacy of my room when I’m living a world away from everyone I love. Now it’s just figuring out all that financials and paperwork I need to mail out with my deposit (another $300 bucks. It cost over $300 for my visa application as well. What an expensive week!).


So that’s my London update. It’s making me really excited but I’m still a big ball of mixed emotions; excitement, remorse, anticipation and anxiety. Everything I accomplish I think of like three more things to do. Then of course there’s all the time I want to spend seeing everybody and savoring my moments with them. Excuse me while I quote Jack Bauer when I say “I have no time!”


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