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Update on the Grad School front

I mailed out my visa application yesterday afternoon. This is the part that makes me nervous. I’m pretty certain I put everything in there they require and answered every question correctly. I fear I’m cutting it a little close but if there’s anything else they require of me I have enough time to get it to them, I think. If I’m denied, I’m basically fucked. So cross all fingers and toes for me to get the green light on this one.


I was looking into deferring my student loans from my undergrad while I’m back in school. I can defer my government ones but, alas, I discovered that my private loans can not be deferred. I vaguely remember being told that in my exit interview at SU five years ago but I had obviously pushed it out of my mind. Boo! So I sill have to pay about $240 every month, essentially using student loans to pay for my students loans. (Seems kinda silly, dontcha think?) This does make me really appreciate the changes in the government student loans that Obama has made. They pretty much eliminated the need for private loans and cover what you need (as far as I can tell). No more ridiculous interest rates, high monthly payments and hands being tied as far as deferments. I mean I would have turned to private loans if I had to, and I’m going to be paying off my old BofA loans for the rest of my life I bet, but hey, at least that’s it, I’m not adding to it.   


Nothing has moved anywhere on the apartment front for me. I need to get working on packing up/getting rid of my stuff. I've been too busy being social, honestly. Last night I was going to work on it but I ended up having roommate drinking time, which was more important at the time. As far as Raye’s situation with the apartment, she interviewed another girl she really got along with and is just waiting to get her references and such and to hopefully hear good news and that the girl is interested. Fingers crossed on that as well.


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Aug. 13th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)
Things will work out on the application front, sweetie. I'm positive of it.

Love you!
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