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What's french for hungover?

I totally forgot to post this and I've been meaning to forever. One night on the Paris trip I decided to stay in the hotel, eat some bread and cheese for dinner, drink some cheap wine I got at the Monoprix and just chill with the friends I made on the trip. Well my friend kinda pooped out before me and went to bed so I fininshed their wine too. Waste not want not, yo. Then these Russians (who we had met the night before) knocked on my hotel door and said they had some vodka and offered an open invitation to thier room to drink it. So I took them up on it. I had a few screwdrivers with Oregina (not recomended). We drank and hung out and I made it back to my room and went to bed. The next day we had to take a train out of paris to go visit the town where Van Gogh lived right before he died (and where he was burried) I was in no mood for a trainride I was sooooooooo hungover. Then my professor got all lost and confused and we had to transfer trains. This is me, sleeping on the floor of the train station outside Paris.


Last night I finally went out and got drinks with Kat who was my partner in crime in Paris. I can't wait till I get paychecks again and I can go out drinking again (spent what was technically given to me for food) . Luckily I get paid right before the Tablet Anniversary party. I better see you there, hobags!

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