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Hump Day and a Heavy Heart

It feels like it should already be the weekend. There’s been a lot of news, a lot of stuff to process in only a matter of two days. Now that I’m starting to process this information it’s all making me feel happy/sad/weird.


Raye found a roommate. This is great news. She’s a girl who’s moving up here from Arizona for a job. She sounded nice on the phone when I was being Raye’s roomie reference. I’ll probably meet her, too before I go. My move out date is Sept. 15th (horay for pro-rated rent!). I’ll spend the rest of my time in Seattle at Andy’s. That’s kind-of the biggest tease ever. We get to live together for a week and then not see each other in the flesh for a year. Ouch. The great thing about the roommate situation is that Raye gets to visit me in London! She was saving in case she had to move out and pay first/last/deposit some place. However, now that money is going towards a plane ticket to visit me in the spring! Yeay! So far she’s the only one who it seems will be coming out to see me though that could change in time. We’re gonna tear it up together in London!


Yesterday I got to see Cathy in between her trip to Equador (with the other Zegs) and her trip to Korea (for school.) She came by with not only South American swag but some serious bling on her finger and the news that she and Doug are engaged. I’m very happy for her. However I’m bummed for myself as the wedding will e while I’m in London. That kinda breaks y heart but I understand how difficult timing is and how much everything is up in the air after she finishes her Master’s program. Really she might not even be living here by the time I get back. It’s just weird. So much is changing in a short time the thought of what I’m coming home to when I get back is so uncertain and that’s a lot to process for me.


Finally, my heart is heavy for Andy today after reading his journal this morning. He’s getting increasingly depressed on account of the job situation. I feel so helpless. I hate problems that could be so easily eradicated if a huge sum of money were to materialize before us, but, alas that principle about matter can neither be created nor destroyed holds true with money. It doesn’t simply appear and those who have it aren’t likely to give it up. Anyway, I look forward to seeing him tonight after I go have dinner with the ‘rents. There will be hugs and I’ll do whatever I have to to make him smile. Perhaps I should pick u an amusing hat on the way....



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Aug. 19th, 2010 03:31 pm (UTC)
You always make me smile, sweetie. I will survive all of this if for no other reason than I have you to look forward to.
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