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Thursday I met up and had diner with Heather (antigrl117  ) at the 5 Point. She was a grade above me in high school and since she graduated in 2000, I seriously think that (apart from a couple times just running into her at different events/around town) we hadn’t really hung out in 10 years. Though she has been an awesome LJ friend for years it was really great to see her and talk. Also I haven’t been to the 5 Point before (which is funny as it’s right by where the Tablet office was). I was really digging my chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes, too—getting my greasy American fare while I can.  


Saturday was our building’s yard sale. Andy and I were a little slow in our step after the wine the night before mixed with the shots of Old Crow that Marvin kept bringing up for us. Luckily Sarah was awesome and made Raye and me espresso and we had bagels and muffins. I let Andy sleep in until I really needed his help and we started putting our shit out on the lawn by about 8:30 or so. Sarah put stuff out there. Much to my surprise, Marvin made his way out of bed to set up a bunch of stuff he wanted out of his place. Jerry also put out a shit load of stuff and was actually super duper helpful all day and took a bunch of stuff to Lifelong. Christine and Cory came around at about 9:30 and put their shit out as well and Alex, Christine’s son, set up a lemonade stand. It felt like he was doing the best business because even people who came by and browse the sale at least bought lemonade.  All in all it felt like a real proper community yard sale.


I have a story to tell about the yard sale but I’m going to leave it for a separate post, I think because it’s a funny story and this is a general how the weekend went kind of general post (which is long enough in and of it self). Anyway, at the end of the yard sale I went away with only $27. Boo. I mean, I know that’s $27 more than I had, but I was hoping for more.


When I was starting to pack it in I went back to the apartment to find a note on the door. It was from our down stairs neighbors complaining about hearing Sparky’s little pitter patter around the apartment when he’s over. I guess Sparky’s not allowed over to my place any more. This really bums me out. I wish I could be rude and ignore the note because, fuck it I’m leaving, but Raye’s staying there and needs to be a good neighbor. It really bums me out though.


When the afternoon hit, I started feeling sick. Once the adrenalin of the yard sale had warn off the hangover from whiskey and wine creped up on me and kicked me in the gut and the head. After filling the back of Andy’s truck with my stuff to drop off at Lifelong, I had a lie down while Andy and Raye dealt with my TV stand and bookcase. I went over to Andy’s after it was all over and we had some dinner and enjoyed a relaxing Saturday night together.


Sunday we cleaned the apartment and went grocery shopping for having my parents over at Andy’s his place for diner (as opposed to the other way around.) We had a Mexican/southwest feast. I asked my mum to make margaritas and Andy made shrimp tacos and the chicken/corn/been mixture baked in a crescent roll that’s pretty damn good. Apart from maybe ignoring my rents for too long while Andy was busy cooking and I helped chop stuff, the evening went really smoothly. They totally loved Sparky, they seemed to like the food, they liked the sunset view from Andy’s deck. It was a good evening. After they departed Andy finished up our margarettas and talked and stayed up further into the night than I should have for a work day. Eventually, of course, the issue of my upcoming departure weighed heavily on hearts right before it was time to fall asleep. Today is the one month mark.




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Aug. 24th, 2010 02:53 am (UTC)
At least I still have one more month with you, sweetie. I love you so much!
Aug. 24th, 2010 05:04 am (UTC)
I love you! It was such a lovely surprise to see you this evening! :)
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