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Visiting & Visits

Tuesday I met up with another member of the Edmonds Crew, Shannon. Shannon, Stephanie and I were BFF back in middle school and high school. The last time I saw Shannon was her birthday part back in February of ’07, where I met my ex. Huh, so yeah, lot’s happened since then Anyway, I was hoping to see her at the Edmonds Crew reunion a few weeks ago but she had to work. SO I’m happy that she put forth the effort to come to Seattle and have drinks with me in the U-District. (Man I only go to the U-District like every 6 months or so and goddamn the Ave never seems to stay or look the same anymore.) Anyway it was a really good visit. No weirdness or holes in conversation and it was really good to see her and connect again.


Raye bought her flight to London to visit me. She’ll be there for 12 days in mid to late April. Yeay! I think it kind of softens the hurt of leaving. Now it’s fun to talk about what kind of stuff she wants to do when she’s out there. It’s still too far out to do uber planning as events that far out aren’t posted on line yet, but we’re talking about taking a trip somewhere out of the city and need to decide where and when how much before she buys her hotel nights in London. (No point in paying for a hotel in London while you’re also in, say, Dublin for a couple days, right?) Dorothy has also talked about visiting in the winter. There’s a chance my rents might be able to visit after all, as my mum will likely be sent to New York for a work thing for a weekend. She’s thinking about just paying for a flight to London from New York as her company would be flipping the bill to and from New York. She’d still have to pay for my dad’s tickets but that’s still a discount. I hope they do this. I’ve been looking up flights and seriously tinkering with the idea of just getting a ticket and hotel for Andy to come and visit and just charging it (as I did my own visit last fall). The only thing holding me back is the uncertainty of his situation. In other words, between that and Raye and I looking up places we’d like to go in the Spring together, I’m spending a lot of time on Orbitz and other such travel sites and lusting after the idea of visitors and exploring new places.   


Yeah. Not an exciting post. Just trying to kill this last 15 minutes at work on this Friday afternoon.  

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