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No Controles

Last night was the Stereo Total show at Chop Suey. This was my forth time seeing them. The first time was when Ginger and I went to see them in ’05 with the Gossip opening and we got to go hang out with them in the greenroom after the show. After me and her had our big falling out I still went to see them every time I saw they were in town and I always went alone. Going alone is okay, I’m an independent girl I can manage, however, naturally it’s more fun to have a friend with you. So when I saw that they were coming back I was really excited to go to the show and share the experience with Andy. I got him tickets to see his favorite band for Valentine’s Day and enjoyed seeing him happy and rocking out, I also wanted to share with him my favorite band and have him see me dork it tuff and dance around like an idiot. Mission accomplished! When I gave him their music he was kinda “meh” about them but he said it all clicked seeing them live with all their energy and fun! I spent too much money and stayed up too late and didn’t come in to work until 11 this morning, but I don’t give a fine-tuned fuck! I had a blast and so did Andy! Unless I get a chance to see them in London, I don’t think I’m going to their show solo again after having converted him (insert evil maniacal laughter here).  


So, September first, huh? Crazy. As for the move/grad school update:

-Marna hired my replacement for my position. She’ll start training next week.

- Gave my months notice at the gym. :(

-I paid the rent at “Melrose” for the last time today.

-Raye’s meeting the new roommate tomorrow.

-Raye and I have decided that we’re going to go have a long weekend in Dublin when she comes to visit me in the Spring. I’m so very excited about this!

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