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Stupid Spiders!

So last night i broke down my bed and we took it to Rayes parents' garage in Parkland. In exchange for them taking the frame for a year I'm giving them the matress. The bed has been a long argued issue with my 'rents. It's an antique from the 30's and it's been in the family for ages so my 'rents don't want me to just give it up. However, though I have always loved my bed (and I'm apparently alone on that one), when I come back 1) I'm coming home to Andy and 2) I'll be 28 years old, I'd really like to graduate to big kid bed rather than return to my twin bed I've had since 2nd grade. Ya know?

Anyway the bed is gone from the spot it's been in for over 4 years. I had a bunch of boxes under it all that time and a bedskirt, Needles to say, I've exposed a secret cobweb city. It really freaks me out and the one or two spirders I first spotted have scuttled away. Now I'm constantly on my guard, expecting them to attack me at any moment. I'm shaking out my clothes before I put them on or hang them up. (I'm not leaving ANY clothes on the floor in that room again). Any stray hair or whatever that brushes against my skin makes me squeal. Small shadows cause me to jump back. I'm not even going into my room without shoes on. I'm actually kind of afraid to go in my room. They could be anywhere. Raye's out tonight so it's just me and....them.

The grossest part? Ready for this? Around this time of year, I always get really bad bites on my arms/wrists/hands. I always assumed this happened in September because the weather gets a bit cooler but my window is still open and the spiders come in and get me. Yeah that turns out to not be the case. When Raye and I were breaking down the bed she discovered (and really wish she hadn't pointed out) that the spiders had made an egg nest in a hollow part of the brass bed frame!! Aaaahhhhhh!! It gives me the willies just thinking about it. No wonder I get bitten this time of year. The nest was empty so at least I don't have to deal with anything now but the emotional scaring.

It pisses me off though. Little bastards! I didn't invite them to live with me in my room. They're not paying rent! At best they're supposedly eating other bugs but the only bug problem I've had are goddamn spiders biting me in the late summer!! Grr. Ok enough about the arachnid subject. Back to timidly tidying up before going out for drinks with a long time family friend and then getting fetched by Andy to sleep soundly in a big bed and spider free environment.


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Sep. 12th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
Ouch! I sympathize. I'll remember this in case something similar happens to myself or one of my friends. Maybe I can save some pains!
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