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I had a very productive day in mind for Monday. I planed to pick up my parcel (my care package came in) and to pick up my check from my loan. These two things went without too much of a hitch. I mean the box was quite heavy and I had to lug it three blocks and the check dude wasn't ready when I showed up but he called back after I had just finished unpacking my carepackage so that worked out quite well. Then I had plans to open an account here and deposit my check. So I stood in a rather long line for the NatWest here on campus. I talked to a nice couple here in gradschool form the states, from New Orleans (didn't get their numbers or anything though.) When I got to the end of the line I was told I needed a letter confirming my enrollment from Goldsmiths to open an account. (This is on the branch on campus by the way) So If I could just take this peice of paper requesting said letter and get in back of the other queue the letter would be ready in two business days, and then come back. Grrr. So I smoked a cigarette as I filled out the little stupid request form and stood in the crazy long queue for another hour. Total fail. I have a greater appreciation of Douglas Adams' creation of the Vogons and thier bureaucracy. I was especially reminded of the bit in the film "but this is not a Presidential Release of Prisioner Form--those are blue." So after that form was turned in I was done with administrative tasks for the day with nothing actually accomplished. I did, however, plan of being productive and look for a couple books on my reading list and I set out to find a used book shop. Black Books has lead me to believe that the city should be riddled with used book shops with grumpy alcoholic Irishmen proprietors--this illusion has been shattered. Acutally I was having a hard time fininding a used bookshop at all. When I googled it I found there are NONE in New Cross, the closest being in Greenwich. I wanted a walk anyway so I went for that but didn't find the one I had set out for. I stumbled uppon another used bookstore but they were aparently rearranging their collection so there were only about three shelves at the moment for sale. FAIL. At least I found that the main bit of Greenwich is nice and has some of the things New Cross lacks (like a movie theater).
I went home and worked on my budget for a while. I get my money in two installments so it's extreemely important that I keep a close eye on my money and budget well. Went out to the Hobgoblin for a couple of pints and wrote for a while--practing my writing muscle by describing some of the areas I've visited.
Then at 9 there was a flatmate meeting. My attempt to inspire a friendly get to know you pub night failed completely. This had an almost complete attendance and, though friendly enough, was mostly about managing the shared space in the kitchen. I mean that was a very necessary meeting--it's good to know that sponges are not communal (ops). Still, I would have preferred the first meeting being called being more fun. Oh well. The mystery flatmate came, though so we all got to finally meet her.

Today I didn't fail as much though I didn't really try too hard to accomplish anything. I wanted to check out the Senate House Library. That's the library for all students of the University of London. Goldsmiths, by the way, is the Liberal Arts college under the greater umbrella of the University of London, so we are allowed to use the library (good thing too as our library on campus is only two floors). So I went to Bloomsberry to go check it out. I've taken so well to the tube I was meant to live in a city with a subway. One train was way delayed, I was quick to find an alternate route on the fly. Mir WIN! As to weather or not I won or failed in my library outting is hard to say. As I told Andy today "Well, I found the library building but I couldn't find the books." Its a really big building! IT's also used for the University of London so I kept finding lecture halls and meeting rooms. I was so lost in there it was corridor after corridor at first. Eventually I found the ground floor with a big staircase but that just got to to some elevators that lead me to more corridors. I found, through the back way, what looked like books in teh distance but my student ID card wouldn't read to let in through the turn-style. Eventually I got frustrated and left and went and walked around teh Bloomsbery area for a while.
I ended up getting on the tube and hitting up Camden for fun. I aslo thought my chances might be a bit better to find a used bookshop there (I did but they didn't have the books I need). I had some lunch at the Camden Village a surprisingly awesome burrito (yeay!). I wandered the market, and discovered the whole Stable part of the Market I somehow managed to completely miss when I was there last fall. I feel retarded fro this because it's freaking huge! I had no clue. I spent some time there, and remarkably didn't spend money except on teh burrito. Eventually I got back on the tube and headed towards the overground, however I wasn't quite done exploring yet and so I went north instead of south on the overground. I could have gone to Shoreditch but I was there last year and I kind of figured I'd try a new area and went to the end of the line to Dalson. (incodently where the Nabootique is supposed to be in the Mighty Boosh, yes that might have effected my decision there). It wasn't what I expected, really. It was a bunch mroe 99p sotres and such (which I took advantage of and got those sponges I need for myself aparently). Headed back home and have been surfing Wikipedia on some of the history and information of the areas around me and talking to Andy on and off throught the evening. 

Thus is the last of my dicking around time for a while. Tomorrow is my first day of class/workshop. I'm very excited and anxious. It'll be administrative and introductory I'm sure but I'll learn what is to be expected of me. I hope to go out to the pub again with people in the course afterward but if not, I'll get on with the wrtiting right away while the enthusiasm is fresh! Big day tomorrow!



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Oct. 6th, 2010 12:32 am (UTC)
Good luck tomorrow!!
Oct. 6th, 2010 07:49 am (UTC)
Oct. 6th, 2010 05:54 am (UTC)
That still has me cracking up ... you walked all over a library and didn't find any books, LOL. I love it!

Sorry for your frustrations with the day, however. At least you have tomorrow (well, today right now for you) to look forward to!

I love you, sweetie!
Oct. 12th, 2010 06:13 pm (UTC)
go to the south block reception and then up to the fourth floor using the lift...lots of books and journals and even helpful staff
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