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Stuff & Things

Haven't updated in a while. Don't want to stay up too late droaning on about all I've been doing in the past week so I'll keep to the highlights.

After a lot of bureaucracy, standing in queues and waiting (and a bit of mild freaking out) things are finally starting to roll into smooth territory. This whole bank account process had me a bit scared but today I opened it and deposited my check. I don't have my ATM cards yet so I can't get to my money but at least my check, my potential promise of money, is now a series of numbers in an account in my name. I was freaked out about my dwindling BofA account and feel much better now that I have the abaility (even if it means standing in a long queue) to access more funds. I've signed up with a doctor and though this ear thing thats been bothering me gradually since I've arrived might pass before my appointment, at least that's also done and out of the way.
I also got the deferrmant form for my US loans (for undergrad) out today and even got laundry done today. I had some IT problems with the network and lost internet last night but I got that worked out as well. I thought I lost my student ID card and fliped out but even that turned up.Finally, despite some anxiety about school work and such before tomorrows class it's all done and ready to go. I even completed a new peice of writing last week I sent off to Andy to look at and got it back.

It's been quite lovely in London the past week. The sun has been shining and apart from a chilly wind it hasn't been very cold (until tonight.) It definitly feels like fall though the way that late afternoon light comes from a low sun through a slight haze. I've been spending a lot of time writing in parks to enjoy the weather. While my Oyster Card was valid I made the best of it and went to Hyde park on Friday to write & walk and I went to Regents Park on Monday. I also did some exploring, I checked out Angel and returned to Notting Hill and found Portabello road this time. Sunday was a georgous day and I ended up doing a ten mile wandering walk around--mostly along the river with my attachment to water and all.

Not too much to report on the social front although I did have lunch with Charlotte the girl form my group yesterday She was in the neighborhood and texted me so we had lunch on the green, enjoying the sun. I got a text on Sunday from Max and that group inviting me for a picnic but I didn't notice the text until after I returned from my long walk, in which it was too late. I had texted him the night before to see if anything was going on Saturday night but didn't hear back. So I ended up putting my new dress on and went to Shoreditch where I had one drink, didn't talk to anybody and came back home, 'cause I'm a looser.

Been too busy reading and writing to updeate. I had funny stories about a football hooligan and the homeless guy who kept interrupting me and I couldn't understand at Hyde park but I don't really have the time to write it all down. Luckily I wrote the stories in notebook so they aren't completely lost but now that I'm getting in the swing of things with school I'm likely to have much less time for updating. Though you know me I'm an addict, so I'll at least update my usual once a week. In the meantime, time to go endure to cold for a smoke, get comfy (and freshly clean PJS are the best) and wish goodnight to Andy via Skype before retiring early for class tomorrow.


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Oct. 13th, 2010 06:53 am (UTC)
You're not a loser for not meeting people on a night out. You're still settling in a bit. It's good to see you getting the bureaucratic stuff out of the way and getting more comfy with your surroundings. Now that classes and stuff have started and you can get on a regular schedule or routine, I know you'll feel more comfortable and confident when you do go out.

I can tell you, for as social as I am, if I were there in your shoes, I'd be lucky if I took half of the efforts you've undertaken thus far. Good things will happen.

As for LJ, I know this is selfish, but I (and I'm sure everyone else) would love it if you did a once-a-day post. It doesn't have to be long, but just a quick update of how your day went. Just speaking for me, I love reading about anything going on in your life ... even if it's just, "I made toast." It makes me feel closer to you.
Oct. 13th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
Guess what. i DID make toast. :)

I'll see what I can do. You get updated by me every day, of course. :)
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