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I needed that...

My old friend from high school, Caroline, is in London and traveling around Europe a bit so I met up with her on Saturday. I met her at Trafalger Square and I took her up to Camden. It was fun showing some one my new city. I totally turned her on the Camden, she left her hostel in South London for one up there. She went shopping (I found an owl shirt that I want to go back and buy when my money situation is sorted). She got some boots and a bag. We had a drink at a pub and chatted. These guys ended up chatting with us, Paul & Alan. Paul, who looked like the lost Oasis brother--from his manner or dress to his eyebrows-- obviously fancied Caroline. He wasn't too smooth about it either. They showed us to a different pub and Paul ordered a round of beers for us all. We moved upstairs to the other bar and he immediately offered to order Caroline shots. His friend even said "slow it down there mate play it cool." We drank the beer and talked but left and went to go meet her other fired that was living here, Lena, in Whitechapel. Lena (and her friend that was with her) had just graduated he Master's Program here and was sticking around a bit, working. They didn't have too much inspiring words about meeting people in this city and getting to know people but they assured me that it does get better. We pre-funked a bit at her place (with wine and cheese) and then eventually headed out. The girls friend wanted to go to go to Clapham which I wasn't too excited about because it seemed so FAR. I had more confidence finding my way home from Shoreditch.
But we went and split a cab. We went to a club that was big and loud and here my memory gets a bit fuzzier. Suffice to say the blindly obvious but it's SO MUCH MORE FUN to go out with people to talk to. Omigod. Things got confusing at tossing out time, I lost track of my group and my phone had gotten buried to the bottom of my giant purse (I actually thought I had lost it but I didn't). So I hope I didn't insult Lena too much when we split up and I didn't get a hold of her. Hoepfuly she would want to hang out again. If not then at least Caroline will be in London for next weekend and I can go out again. (Maybe dressed up a bit more).

Oh god I needed that sociability time so very much. I had a fun night. Nursed a hangover much of the day but getting back to school work after I finish this. I kind of overloaded myself--I've got a presentation in both my morning and my afternoon class on Wednesday. I hate presenting but at least I'll have it all over and done with after this week and I can get to what I'd rather be doing--writing. Also very seriously considering joining the student run literary magazine. Haven't done that since high school but the quality of the work will, obviously, be better this time around.

Eek, one of my flatmates is arguing on Skype again. It seems like everyone around me uses Skype simply to get in arguments. Maybe that's just because those are the kind of conversations that get loud enough for me to hear. Still. Hope that never becomes me. My Skype time is full of fond "love and miss yous" to my sweetie, friends and parents.


Oct. 17th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
Aw I'm glad you got a bit of fun!!!

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