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Pretty awesome dream

So I woke up this morning from a pretty entertaining dream. I had no persona in this dream so it was more like watching a film, really. It was a zombie apocalypse dream. So we all know how the formula works and it followed that pretty strictly--a large cast of characters that gradually dwindles down to but a few survivors. Actually in this dream the last person standing was a middle aged/older woman. It's hinted that she bites the dust at the end but (though I don't remember the details well) it's vague. Essentially she hides in a back yard shack (some Shawn of the Dead inspiration there, probably) and it seems like the zombies don't seems to notice her so long as she's quiet but she can't stay there forever, right? Anyway that's kind of how that bit ends. It  goes to black then the next bit was the awesome part.

I guess my subconscious was aware of how movie-like this dream was as the next bit was a movie trailer for the upcoming film "Zombies in Love" though what it really should have been called was "Lesbian Zombies in Love"  Two of the characters that bit the dust earlier and become zombies return--one is reminicent of Molly Ringwald (Pretty in Pink era) and the other is kind of a toned down version of Lori Petty in Tank girl. They're zombies that have found eachother and fallen in love. After the zombie apocalypse is over these two zombies manage to continue in the land of the living--their killing instincts replaced with love for one another and thier appitite for human flesh replaced with an appitite only for one another's pussy. The B-role on this trailer is the two of them kissing, going to coffee houses (where I see the last serviver in the shot so I assume she made it okay), cuddeling on the couch together, having breakfast together, going to the park etc. The trailer ends and it actully goes into a bit of story but you know how dreams are, they morph into something else...
Still though. Most bad ass dream ever.


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