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What goes up...

...I'm kind of down today but at least I have my internet back. It went out again last night in my hall and I was at a complete loss of what to do. There was a party going on two flats above mine. I went out to smoke and saw a bunch of people with plastic cups. By the time I went up there i think it was dying down. All the wine was gone and the food was scarce. I didn't stay for any more than two minutes. I got really down as, without internet and all, I just lied in bed and read as I could hear all the people chatting outside. I'm somewhat convinced that folks in the halls don't care for me much. It's probably just my own parinioa heightened with an extra element of self deprication brought on by the fullness of the moon, if ya follow me. Still I'm sick of whenever I go out to smoke in the courtyard I often just stand there and don't make it into conversation (unless I'm a bit drunk and even then I get the feeling that people are laughing at me when I go back inside.) Anyway last night I hopped over to the Amersham Arms for one drink just to get out of my room to do some reading and when I was coming back Gil said that everyone in the courtyard thinks that when I leave I'm off to smoke pot. Granted that's kind of funny, knowing I don't really smoke pot at all and I apparently come off as a pot head,  Anyway it's not a big deal. It just gets me down some days. Either it'll get better or I'll just get over it and suck it up.

Anyway, what else has been up. I done some exploring. On Friday I wandered around the city a bit and I ended up in Paddington where I went to a few pubs and wrote. I got really into the story I was writing so I spent a bit too much money on too many glasses of wine at these pubs but I got the bulk of it done. That felt great. I also found a new goal. I should open a gay bear bar called Paddington Bear! He he. A bunch of big, hairy gay guys in leather but with floppy hats! I think it's a brilliant idea but I suppose someone still has the rights to the Paddiington Bear. So another brilliant idea bites the dust before it ever got past the planning stage. Anyway that was the night I came home kinda drunk and though I talked to people in the courtyard I think I annoyed everyone. This one underclassman girl that's been hanging around here lately made a point to point out my inebriation a lot and made me want to slap her. (But the night of the party she was trashed and stuggeling to balance on her heals so that was rather amusing. I have tact to not point out her intoxication)

Saturday I went up to Camden to get a couple of posters for my room. (Also got chocolate covered strawberries on a stick, like one of my favorite things in the world!) I also ended up walking from there to Kings cross station and ran across the British Library along they way. Then went over to Shoreditch after that though I wasn't really there at the right time. i was there right before cafes closed and I wasn't in the mood to go to pubs so I headed back home. i was kind of down. Not so much down but really all I wanted to do was crawl on the couch with Andy and have a night in. Of course that's impossible but I did watch a bit of Dylan Moran and talk to Andy on Skype when he got up.

Sunday was sunny and I went to check out Peckham Rye Park for my walk. I took some pictures and had a lovely walk. However it got windy and cold so I headed back home. Anyway yeah. Went to the library to read for a bit and made some lunch. Then Skyped my rents to wish my mum a happy birthday. Talking to my parents and Andy made me happy but then internet went down and yeah that's where I started...

So I have a bunch of pictures I've not gotten around to putting up so I'm going to do a big photoblog soon I just have to edit the sizes and such. However in the meantime I need to go out and start my day. It s sunny fall day (so beautiful) and I'm off to go enjoy it and run some errands and get some reading & walking done. My coffee is done and my mp3 player is charged. Time to get out there and the city and the sun should improve my mood.

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