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Robots & Disguise show and more!

At the Abersham Arms, the pub down the street from where I live that I quite like. It’s pretty laid back at cozy. I came here after my tutorial with Francis which went well despite the fact I wasn’t proud of the piece I submitted to him. (It was honest and he probably know more about me now than he wanted/needed.) When I got here I feverishly took notes on the meeting and jotted soe ideas of stories to work on which after a burst of inspiration and quickhand puttered out after an hour. However not yet ready to head home and retire to that little cell, especially while the pub is so quiet, I decided to just stick around and write (even if it was just a journal/blog entry). Anywhoo…

Robots in Disguise Show

Halloween night I went to see Robots in Disguise (RiD from now on as I’m too lazy to type that all out). They’re a fun, electro/synth/rock girl duo that I really like. Anyone who is familiar with The Mighty Boosh would know them as the girls from “Kraftwerk Orange” in S1E7 or as the “goth girls” from S2E3. (Dee, the brunette is Noel Fielding’s ex. Lucky bitch…she tapped that.) They were the main opening band for some band I’ve never heard of.

So my ticket said the door opened at 7pm. I was in deep anticipation for the show sand got all showered and pretty by 4pm. I checked the tupe and there were so many service closures there was no easy way to get there—to Embankment/Charing Cross. As it stood, to take the tube I would have to take the Overground to Shoreditch High Street, walk to Old Street Station and take the Northern Line north east to Euston then on the Nothern Line south bound train to Embankment or Charring Cross. That sounded like an hour and a half of travel time—ridiculous.

It was time to finally bite the bullet and take a bus. I haven’t taken a bus in London yet. A) Because I could take a stupid bus in Seattle. 2) I fear taking busses in foreign cities. The thing I’ve learned about subways (other than that I take to them very well) is this if you do fuck up, it’s easily amended. Just turn around and try again. Buses on the other hand, being on the surface, you could end up anywhere with no idea of how to get back. The one time we took a bus in Paris I was so glad I was there with the class because it got me so lost—despite my general geographical knowledge of the city. Being on the surface is too real; I prefer the abstraction of the underworld of tunnels.

Anyway I boarded the 453 to Trafalgar Square and it was a cinch. Fear of foreign buses are a thing of the past—at least in this city. I really helps that the bus announces the stops as they’re coming much like on the underground. (Not that I wouldn’t recognize Trafalgar Square, it’s just good to know for future reference.)

Okay, so I got there, I found the venue and it was five to seven but the doormen didn’t seem even close to ready for a crowd, of which there wasn’t short of me. I wandered off and had a drink at the Sherlock Holmes pub nearby. (While there I had to endure overhearing the embarrassing Americans asking the barman the most ignorant questions like “what’s bangers and mash” and “what’s sheapords pie?” I know I’m an anglophile but seriously? Do they not have a single English or Irish pub in their town? If you’re that ignorant of commonly known English culture go back to the Midwest!)

I left and went back to the venue with little progress on the opening front. Then I heard a doorman say to someone enquiring “doors open at seven.” It was then I remembered that they changed time to daylight savings time. I thought it changed on midnight Halloween night, well it did, but that meant the morning, not the evening of Halloween. The time had changed and I had been an hour early all day. Fuck. I went back to the pub, got a Stella and sat outside reading, drinking and smoking. A guy took the empty seat next to me and we enganged in conversation. He was from Italy, though he was half French. We had a good civil conversation about Itialian food in London (I had a great meal at an Italian joint last year but all I’ve had this year has been disappointing). We talked about Italy, France, Seattle. Then I checked my phone and it was a quarter passed sever. I dad to go. When I took my leave I was very friendly about it but he wanted to follow me. As desperate as I am for company here I didn’t want him to follow me—not that he wasn’t nice but it was what it was—I wasn’t interested in anything but some conversation. I left and the doors were open for the show.

The venue, Heaven, is usually a gay bar though that night it was just a rock show. It was a really cool space. It was under wither the trains or under the station, so it’s one long archway with a high stage platform at the end. I ordered a drink—vodka tonics were my choice beverage because I didn’t want anything as heavy as beer incase I wanted to get my dance on during RiD. Also, because I don’t like tonic it was a drink I could nurse (even though the amount of alcohol they give you in cocktails here is an outrage).

The first band was a garage band that wasn’t bad. Dee Plume of RiD walked right infront of me and a had a brief *squee* moment. Also at one point I found myself sentimental in the moment. I thought I’m here in London at a rock show, lookin’ good. It was one of those moments that I imagined about actually realized.

The next band was what I like to call a “BLARG!” band. That is they were loud and screamy. They kind of remeinded me of The Horrors only more “BLARG!” I donke know if it was because it was Halloween or what but the bassist fancied himself as Marylyn Manson in black tights, no shirt and long black hair. He threw himself about the stage and showed the audience his package as much as he could as 35 minutes would allow. They were all right. It was quite funny to go from “BLARG” to *feedback* to a timid “Cheers.”

All right, so FINALLY Robots in Disguise came on. I got in the front (well about third place back). I had a huge smile on my face as they opened with their new single “Wake Up.” They were totally cure but Dee seemed off. That was my only disappointment about the shouw. She was either having an off night or she’s not as talented a guitar player as I assumed. They played a small handful of my favorite songs—songs I’ve listening to a lot recently in anticipation of the show. But something became clear to me that Sue—the pretty blonde—is the one obvious music and charisthma talent of the duo. Dee’s voice is important to the sound and that element was always there in her performance but all night she struggled to complete more than one full guitar riff in their songs. It was especially disappointing when it came to the some “The Tears” because for one the guitar riff is what is so good and catchy about the song but personally that song carries a lot of weight for me. That was the song I listened to on repeat ad nauseum after the “Aubry inncodent.” When I was still too in shock to be able to cry, I listened to that song 5 to 10 times a day to let it do the crying for me. I was SO happy to hear it live but it was so disappointing since she only got through the whole guitar lick all the way through once and even then it was slightly off

Still, though, even if it was an off night I’m so glad I got to see them. They were cute, entertaining and fun. I also learned that London and Seattle are similar in their concert demeanor. Seattle gets shit for being stuffy and only engaging with the music with fans bobbing their heads or a gentle bobbing about. From this show I got the same impression. I mean there girl next to me was dancing to RiD but she was alone in that. It was creepily familiar in that regard. Maybe it’s the weather.

After RiD finished their set I went out to smoke. I was pleasantly buzzed, didn’t quite want to go home but I didn’t want to get trollied because I wanted to get home safely. I got one last drink and checked out what the headlining band was about. They were another “BLARG!” band as well and after two songs I felt I had enough “BALRG!” for one night and headed for the bus. The ride home felt much faster than the ride out there.

Back in New Cross I did what any tipsy girl in a little black dress would do on a Sunday night…pick up a bottle corner shop piss wine and some fried chicken! I talked to my mum on Skype for a little while, then Andy and I learned the important lesson to never eat fried chicken in my room again…stinky.

So that was my Halloween. The next day got my gym membership. I had to go through an explanation of every goddamn machine for my induction and I wanted to interject “I have had a gym membership before, you know.” But whatever it’s required. Yeah so yeay! O can go work out when the weather is to crappy to go for a walk.


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Nov. 3rd, 2010 09:18 am (UTC)
The faces you made at the smell of leftover/eaten fried chicken were pretty priceless, I must say.

Wish I could be there with you. Things here are not so swell.

Nov. 3rd, 2010 09:38 am (UTC)
I wish you could be here too. I love you.
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