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News & Update!

Hmmmm. Just finished a hot bowl of soup after walking about all afternoon in the London rain (I'm soaked). Whist I was out I was thinking about how I haven't updated in a while and there's been some news here in London about the student protest ya'll might have heard about.
No I wasn't there. There's been a lot of build up about it on campus but I haven't gotten involved. It's not really my fight, it's not my country it's not my say. Basically there's a tuition cap of about 4K pounds for UK students that the Tory goverment want to end and esentially privatize universities to a free market system (like at home.) If I lived here I'd be quite pissed off as well especially if I were an undergad student with years of education ahead of me. So Wednesday was the the big protest in Westminster. I was in New Cross attending a seminar about our essays due at end of term. After class I went out to the Hobgoblin with Charlotte, Kat & James (and Claire for our workshop joined as well). Eventually I went with Kat and James out of New Cross for a better scene. We took a bus (my first time on a double-decker bus!) to Waterloo then crossed the bridge and ended up in Embankment. We went to a bar for diner and drinks then went to this nifty basement wine bar where you're in like a cave it's really neat. At one point between the first and second bottle I went outside to smoke and I called Andy. He told me how the march got violent and kids were breaking shit and got on a roof and so on and so forth. This struck me as hilarious that I had to hear the news from someone in Seattle about what was going on just down the street from where I was standing. Ha! If I was more involved in that movement I'd be pissed off. It seems like some folks that decide to fuck shit up ruin the whole movement for everyone. It reminded me of those douche-bag Portland anarchists who came to Seattle for WTO just to cause distruction. However, the building was Tory headquarters and given the opportunity to smash shit up at a GOP headquarters, especially in that mob mentality moment, I'd have a hard time resisting. I ultimately think it hurts the casue for everyone, though.

What else has been up? I'm a bit stressed out, I have to have a story to present to workshop next Wednesday. I wrote a new one this week and didn't take the criticism I got back from it very well, I had a bit of a break down. However once I got over my emotional panic I came up with a new approach and I'm going to work on it as soon as I'm done with this. I have NO IDEA what I want to write about for my essay for end of term. I think about it on walks and on the tube but I just don't know. I wasn't and looks like I wont be able to talk to a hatter until after the holidays so I either have to wing my other story or wait. I have some other problems with my plot outline for that story anyway but I'm getting increasingly more excited & daunted about writing the more I research.

I worry about Andy a lot. Still talk to him on Skype at least twice a day. I miss him terribly. There's also going to be a party at Melrose tonight I wish I could be at. Why oh why can't they invent teleportation already. Seriously!

Had bangers & mash earlier this week at a pub. Yum. I tried mushy peas and my reaction "It tastes like salty mashed up peas" and THIS is why I'll never be a food critic (and not likely to get Anthony Bourdain's job any time soon.) Tried to get in to a taping of Nevermind the Buzzcocks but don't think it's going to happen. I'll try again if possible. On a hangvoer day I got far too engrossed in a reality program on 4oD. Got my gym membership and have gone and quite like it. It felt good to have a really good work out again adn the view from the treadmil is of the campus green so that's quite nice. Oh yeah and Charlotte invited me to x-mas with her which is great I don't have to be sitting alone in the flat with a silly paper hat breaking crackers alone and eating a microwave dinner. (Saddest image ever, yeah?)

Finally, it was a year ago today that I left London to go back to Seattle at the end of my visit. It's been a weird de ja vu time since Oct 30th (when I arrived last year). I felt like I'd done this bit before. It did feel good though on Open Day at Goldsmiths to remember coming last year and knowing this was where I wanted to be and to think "here I am again and I'm a student this time, I made it!" Speaking of which I should get to rewriting m story. Cheers!


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Nov. 12th, 2010 08:02 pm (UTC)
Teleportation delayed due to economic crisis (headline)

Seriously though I'd be warping around like no one's business if it existed. Wooo!
Nov. 12th, 2010 08:13 pm (UTC)
It's the oil & airline industry holding it back. When we run out of fossil fuels it is ON! Though there still remains that extended family dropping by unannounced problem.
Nov. 13th, 2010 02:28 am (UTC)
I'm worried about me too...but as long as I have you in my life, it's not all bad ;)

Oh, and I would totally be the teleportation peoples' guinea pigs just for the chance to get over there to you.
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