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Post thanksgiving update: looking up

Thanksgiving ended much better than it started. I was particularly thankful for Charlotte who was available to come 'round for diner. I kept myself busy in the kitchen, though it was a kind of lazy thanksgiving meal and I don't have the whole timing thing worked out when it comes to cooking (my mashed potatoes were done by like 4:30 and she wasn't expected 'till 6. Ops) In all fairness, this was my first Thanksgiving on my own. I had chicken, mashed potatoes, broccolini, salad, a selection of cheeses and cheesecake. Charlotte brought the mulled wine. I'm really glad I decided to do something and have a friend over for diner. I actually ended up attaining that warm fuzzy feeling in my heart that it was a holiday. After dinner, smoke, cheese, smoke, cheesecake, smoke, wine top off, Charlotte headed off. It wasn't long before I was on Skype with my parents, Andy & Raye who were all at the 'rents for Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that it was sad that I couldn't be there drinking many cocktails and indulging in my mum's yummy pumpkin pie, I still felt included and present in my family's Thanksgiving celebration.

Friday I went to the V&A (Victoria & Albert museum of art & design). I don't know why it took me so long to get round to checking that place out. It's got more stuff to look at than the eyes can handle in a day! Seriously from a cast os Michaelangelo's David to Adam Ant's "Prince Charming" outfit! I watched people at the ice skating rink in front of the Natural History Museum (another museum I'll need to check out--they're all free here). The call for food and as I had loads of leftovers to eat pulled me back to New Cross. Besides, the weather has dropped to freezing or slightly below. It's been about 30-32 for the past couple days. No snow in London yet--they keep pushing that forecast back. I know I'm in no place to complain after what Seattle has just gotten over but DAMN it's COLD! I suppose I should get used to it. This time next week I'll be in Edinburgh where it's already snowing.

Today I went to the British Library and worked on a story for a bit (going somewhere free and out of the cold--getting out of New Cross before the tube strike.) Then I ended up walking up to Camden where there really wasn't anywhere for me to go so I walked back down and hopped on the tube at Goodge street and went down to Embankment and over the bridge to the festival hall where there was a Chrsitmas market. I thought, oh how nice. I wish I had a camera. Then, again when the call for leftovers and need to be warm pulled me back home I got on Skype with Raye and I opened my early birthday present--RAYE GOT ME A CAMERA!!! Yeay! Now I can take pictures for my Edinburgh trip next week! I can take pictures of London at Christmas time! YEAY!

I really am a lucky girl. The past week + has been really rough with the robbery, homesickness, some bad news from home and drunken emotions. Still though, I am thankful and so lucky to have such wonderful supportive people in my life who love me so much. (Sometimes I have to wonder if I even deserve it.) Plus I've got folks here to spend a holiday & travel with. Also getting back in the habit of playing in the city helps me appreciate being here so much more. My spirits are moving up!


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Nov. 29th, 2010 03:59 am (UTC)
Nah ... we're lucky to have you, sweetie. I love you so much.
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