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Weekend in Edinburgh!

This weekend was my little weekend mini-holiday in Edinburgh. I was a little worried about the prospect of it working out earlier last week when the snow fell across the UK. Luckily our train wasn’t cancelled or anything when we made our departure on Friday. The travel time was considerably longer a good 6 hours as opposed to the usual 4.5. That was a disappointment as it became clear that we really should have sprung for a third night there as 12 hours would be devoted to sitting on a train. However we had no way of predicting the snow when we worked out what dates worked out for us. I was also disappointed with myself for not doing more research and being more prepared before a trip. I meant to but I guess I was just too distracted. I was luckily prepared enough to have written down the directions to the hotel at the very least.

It was evening when we finally got into town. There was definitely far more snow than in London and the trek to the hotel was an adventure. I was just excited to be treading new earth and seeing a new city…and what a city! Omigod Edinburgh is absolutely gorgeous! The snow on all the old buildings added an extra magical feel. The holiday market, rides and such at the park were charming. It was lovely! I know I didn’t spend long there but I’m so in love with that city. I want to go back and spend more time there in a warmer season because the treachery of the ice made some of the sights particularly the little alleyways and steps practically impossible to see. (I didn’t get to run really fast down steps a la the opening scene of Trainspotting) In fact the few times we did have to climb or descend stairs I held on to the rails like I’ve never before. Going up to the castle especially was a steep climb covered in ice that terrified me.

We got in to town and hit up pubs that weren’t too far from our hotel. Kristine got hit on very unsmoothly by a guy who has the name of someone who’s either a rapist or a serial killer. I got screwed over at the same bar and ended up paying 18 quid on a pint of Stella. (I gave them a 20, they said I gave them a fiver…bullshit. That was only my second drink of the night so it wasn’t like I was trashed or anything.) Ah well we picked up some Chinese take away to take back to the hotel after pubs closed. Called it a kind of early night to get an early start on our one full day.

Saturday we got our tourist on and walked around, taking pictures and went to the castle of course. The view from up there was amazing. The sun was out, the sky clear! I got to see two things I’ve taken for granted in the northwest and miss—a large body of water and mountains. Granted the mountains were no Mt. Rainer but still. Wandered around, stopped into pubs for coffee to take a break from cold, snowy, icy & wet elements outside. Later we headed back in the area of our hotel where the Modern art gallery was nearby. We went into what we thought was the Modern Art gallery but it was actually a separate building where they house the special exhibits, luckily though the special exhibit was on dada and surrealism. Win! I love going to cities and expanding the amount of art I’ve been privileged to say I’ve seen. That makes me happy. After warming up yet again at the hotel we went out to dinner at this little itialian place, then hit up some pubs. We weren’t in the best location for pubs apparently. There was that area we went to Friday night but when we ventured out further into the city centre, our luck was not so good. We spent a lot more time looking than finding I felt, so when we found one nearish to our hotel I decided it was time to give up on filling pints and go for the straight up Scottish Whiskey! Again, we made it a kind of early night to get a good start on Sunday before we had to catch our train.

Sunday we packed up and went to Leith (the waterfront area) for seafood. Again this is where I wish I had done more research ahead of time. (Though Andy was helpful on the phone the night before to give us bus numbers.) The buses were a bit confusing and we didn’t know where we were supposed to get off. We just went to the end of the line which was a shopping center and walked from there to whaterver way looked most “boat-ey.” We found a seafood place but they weren’t open so took some pictures, found a café (where our waiter has been to Seattle many times, small world) and waited for noon to go get our seafood on. My last big meal while on holiday I didn’t think about price or anything I just wanted to George myself on seafood. I got muscles as a starter then a plate with salmon some yummy fish I can’t remember a king prawn and scallops. Yum. The bus situation proved to continue to be confusing and we bit the bullet and got a cab back to the station.

It was a good time. I really could have used and extra day and more research ahead of time but I’m not unhappy with my much needed holiday. Then again, with an extra day that would have cut it tight on the homework situation—which I must get back to now. I’ll put up pics when need a break from reading and homework at some point today.


Dec. 8th, 2010 06:32 am (UTC)
So glad you had a great time, sweetie. Wish I could have been there with ya.

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