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London's Burning!

I know it's received a bit of attention back home and I've mentioned maybe once or twice here about the student protest against the cuts. Well, the vote passed to allow tuition increase passed over here tonight. Naturally, all those kids on the streets in front of Parliament are pissed off and my sick American lust for live 'round the clock coverage is not fulfilled with various little BBC and Guardian video clips on the internet. I do find it rather funny that Prince Charles' car got hassled. What the fuck were they thinking driving up Regent street in a fancy car when a there's a mob of angry students pissed off about class-related issue? I mean I knew to not go into C. London today and I'm on the mobs side! That's been my stance actually. Though I support the students I've been keeping my head down. I'm pleased to see the spirit in the student's fight against it and haven't complained too much when the library was occupied or whatever. I've just figured it wouldn't be worth it to go to these things and risk getting hurt or in trouble..but then I'm a pussy.
That and I'm cynical. My days of marching at stuff to protest the US going to Iraq didn't do a damn thing. Though I still did march for LGBT reasons though I'm more optimistic that with Civil Rights issues people will come to their senses that everyone should be equal if there's enough people to show solidarity. When it comes to money and war in a right-wing government I can't get my hopes up...I figured this would pass.

God just saying that I realize I'm the problem with the left. I guess I am--a despondent pussy. That's me to a T.

On the bright side, or the self serving side. I feel really lucky to have wedged my way over here in this brief window of time between Obama changing the system to allow the government to loan my full requirement for school and this passing over here. Damn! Close call. Though if I had used that luck on the lottery or something I'd have money as opposed to debt and be able to go to school either way. Do'ah!


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Dec. 10th, 2010 07:56 am (UTC)
They should go burn down Torquay instead. ;)
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