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Shocking: Mir embraces her whims!

I remember when I was in undergrad and I heard that my friend Stephanie and her fella of the time went down to SF on a whim one Friday afternoon. One minute they were in the Evergreen library an hour later they were hopping on a bus headed south. I was so envious not only becasue I hadn't been to SF at that time but I was more impressed with Stephanie's ability to be impulsive like that. I've always been too busy or too pragmatic to be impulsive, especially at that time. To give you an idea of how ridiculously organized of my life I was I wrote on my planner later that week a note to myself "do something impulsive." Naturally by the time the week was over I did not fulfill my mission. 

Anyway I open with this story because I guess it's an interesting counterpoint to what I really want to say which is that I have finally embraced impulse (though honestly with a fair amount of pragmatic thinking before hand). I'm flying Andy out to visit in two weeks! 

We were on Skype last night talking and we've hit the point where we see that flying him out for Valentine's day just isn't going to work. Things being what they are with his job hunt situation and all everything still looks so much up in the air it was hard to say when a good time in the future would be. I thought about how really the week between xmas and around NY would be a good time becasue there really wouldn't be that much going on on the job front anyway. I figured it would be really expensive this short notice like $4k or something but I gave it a looksee on orbitz anyway. There were flights and hotel packages that were surprisingly affordable. I already planned to fly him out, to visit at some point. I paid off the balance on my charge card before I left so I'd have the open to buy  to do so. I was just waiting for the timing to be right for him. Not being as expensive as I thought and the timing making sense we tried to think if there were any reasons we shouldn't just go for it. I asked my parents if they thought it was a good idea and they said to go for it and that they'd walk and feed Sparky for Andy while he was away. So i went for it!

Andy's going to be here in two weeks from today!! We get to share New Years together! I have someone special to kiss at midnight! I'm so happy. This is our Xmas, anniversary (Dec 18th), and Valentines Day present for ourselves. A little early birthday present to myself as well. I can't wait. I'm giddy with excitement and actually kinda proud of myself for being a bit impulsive.

In other news:
I was also a bit impulsive on Saturday when I went out for a walk, found myself in SoHo and decided to see Bill Bailey. I bought tickets for his show a while ago but the night before the show was the night I got robbed and I was unable to see the show w/out my card. I was bummed out that I couldn't see it and debated buying tickets again but never ended up doing anything about it. then when I was there, I said fuck it and about 20 minutes before the 5pm show walked into the box office. It actually worked in my favor. I spend 20 quid on the first tix that I missed out on. I spent 27 on the second tickets (both in the balcony). However it being the early show, they needed to fill the stalls so they moved everyone in the balcony down to the ground floor. I ended up in row G with a great view. those were 50 quid seats anyway so I totally broke even!! The show was super fun! One highlight was him doing Gary Numan "cars" in french with car horns. There was also a point where he asked the audiance what the instrument he was holding up was and once we had obviously run out of nouns of instruments people were shouting "spatula!" "Onion!" That cracked me and him up. We were a good crowd. Good times. 

Tomorrow is my birthday and my last day of class. My last workshop with Francis as well which make me very sad. I've got my last tutorial with him today and I'm really looking forward to it. Charlotte's tutorial is today too so we'll probably hang out as well. Yep that's about all my news at the moment. I need to go start the rest of my day.


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Dec. 18th, 2010 08:38 am (UTC)
I love you so much sweetie! I cannot wait to see you.
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