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Stuff and things

I had a really good birthday!  In my morning workshop Francis got everyone to sing "happy birthday" to me. After class a bunch of us went out for drinks at the Royal Albert which was fun and for me a very drunken time. Charlotte took care of me and made sure I got home all right, actually she stayed at mine as she had tutorial the next morning. Folks from school (I think spearheaded by James) had a card fro me. Andy got me a new panda necklace!! (squee!) I am now 28 and have surpassed in years a number of dead rock stars. Go me.

I went out today and was surprised to find that it was snowing outside.  While I was out I helped a little old lady walk partially down the road. It was kinda slick and this little old lady had got off the bus and looked stranded and terrified ans asked for a hand to the road. (No I didn't help her cross the street--the street was actually much less slick than the sidewalk). Does that mean I don't get my merit badge?

I had my tutorial on Tuesday and I'm quite proud of the story I wrote and Francis said it was really good. It's actually the peice I've been most proud of all term if not in quite a while. I think that's the one I'm going to submit for end of term. I finished the Corrections tonight (the book suggested to me by my guest tutor for my paper...of course she didn't tell me at the time it was as LONG as that) Now I need to figure out what it is I'd like to write about for my essay (which I 'm a bit nervous about.)

That's what's been up. That and dealing with the issue of actually receiving the packages people send to me. Grr

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