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School is back on. I turned in my essay, short story and critical commentary for Autumn Term on Friday. I then proceeded to Abersham with classmates to celebrate and did so by drinking FAR too much wine. This term looks like it's going to be MUCH more intense than last. There's going to be more writing exercises and it looks like more demand for material with more workshops. I'm looking forward to it but also a little nervous. I think I'm going to try to make it a goal to write every day (short of Wednesdays when I'm in class all day) and if not write then edit. I need to make it part of my routine--like taking walks. Then again I'm bad about taking walks on days after nights like Friday, if you know what I mean.

On the road trip when we were in Birmingham I saw a poster for the musical Chess and got all excited. It's a traveling production that isn't coming to London (a bit worrisome) and the closest it's coming is for a week Birmingham in Febuary. So I'm going back to Birmingham for a day trip and matinee. This is a big deal. I was crazy obsessed with the soundtrack to this musical when I was a kid. I danced around and sang the songs anytime my parents were out. I literally wore out the tape. Where other people were into Phantom or Les Mis or Cats I couldn't give a shit I loved Chess. But I've never seen it. It doesn't get produced much because it's kinda dated material (cold war). So yeay. I'm excited. Check that off the list of wises come true. Yeah I'm a nerd.

Christine & Cory's visit and the road trip was fun. The driving over here was a bit rough at first especially that first trip across London with the car being on the wrong side, the narrow streets, the roundabouts and tunnels. It was far less nerve racking for Christine and Cory on the highways. We stayed with a couple of Christine's friends from the Tiffany forum, Dav in Scotland and Julia in Yorkshire. Some highlights include...
- Having to ditch this really weird guy in Birmingham. He was coked out and kept trying to pawn off drinks on Christine and me that "people had left." Aparently people just kept on running away from him when his back was turned...as we eventually had to. He was one of those people that make you feel really uneasy and are hard to politely get rid of. We literally ran out of the pub to lose him when he was in the gents. (Gosh I hope I don't run into him again when I go back by myself. Probably wont, he was just passing through on a "mission" as he put it. Getting drugs I presume.)
- I finialy went to a gay bar in the UK when we went to Glasgow with Dav and his flatmate Paul. It was really good times. It got too loud to converse after a point but the people watching was still good.
- Christine's favorite places to visit were grocery stores where she would compare products or the cost differences over here vs. at home. She shit many a brick over the items that are crazy cheaper here - laundry detergent, and nuts most notably.
- In Liverpool some wrong turns were made and the GPS had us go through the post derby sunday match traffic. Football hooligans everywhere. Stuck in traffic for an hour all made worth it when Christine quipped "They're Liverpooigans!"
- We sadly didn't get to go down a road where we were unable to move through a load of sheep. Aparently we needed to go through Wales for that, I've since been told.
I got a lot of places in the UK knocked off my list. I'm sad we only got to see Glasgow at night so we didn't really see it properly. But we did get stuck in traffic so we saw parts of it for quite a while. Ah well.

That's about it. i need to get my day started and get out of here. I've got some errands to run today find a place to fix the zipper on my docs, find a place to resize my engagement ring and of course take a walk and write.


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Jan. 25th, 2011 03:37 am (UTC)
Hmmm, thought I left a comment before, but I guess it didn't show up. Anyway, just said something like I'm glad you had fun exploring the UK and that I'm sure you'll do great with your coursework ... and that I love you ;)
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