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The great thing about living here

Instead of walking to London Bridge and then figuring out where to go from there on the tube (as I usually do) I decided to get the train to London Bridge and my walk today was all around central London. It wasn't my bustin' ass walk that I do when I'm trying to get somewhere. (Last week a guy on Old Kent Road told me to "slow down darlin'") It was more of a quick-step-wandering. I kind of went where I felt, usually deciding to turn down streets that I knew I hadn't been down before. I saw areas that I know of only through their respective tube connections like Monument and Bank. (And I'll be damned, there is a monument in Monument. Saw that for the first time)
Then I ended up around St. Pauls area and Fleet Street. Eventually I passed by Somerset House and saw there was a small art gallery. Free to students so on a whim I checked it out. It was small (two floors) and the collection was a bit random but the impressionist stuff was good. They had Manet's "Bar at the Folies Bergere" (which I seriously thought I had seen in Paris at the Or'say but I guess not...its still a favorite of mine) There were also some Cezannes, Seurats, a Modigliani, some Van Gogh, Degas and Matisse. I love going to art museums and I always feel priviliged to be able to say that I've been able to see so many major origional paintings in my life. I'm so lucky to live in a mojor city where I could just up and go to a museum for free inspiration. I think I need to do this more often.

After that I continued wandering ended up Covent Garden, then China Town where there were a bunch of festivities for Chinese New Year. It's funny I always forget about Chinese New Year and for the past few years always accidentally found myself in the International District (now London's China town) on the weekend it's being celebrated just by chance.) Got hum bow and watched the dancing dragon for a wee bit. Disappointed I didn't bring my camera with me. Boo. I them moved on to SoHo where I found a pop culture/kitch shop (kind of a mix between archie mcphees and a poster celebrity photo shop) I saw presents for LOTS of people at that place it was hard to walk out of there and not buy something but I show restraint. I walked around SoHo a bit then ended up on Regent Street, then through Picadilly and down to Trafalgar Square (there they were setting up for a big Chinese New Year concert of some kind). Now I always have a squee moment when i find myself at Trafalgar Square. I look at my ring and think, this is where I was proposed to. :D I went across the bridge to Royal Festival Hall hoping to find a place to write but there were too many children around screeching so I headed home.

So I know that was a borning account of my walk today but it was lovely. I've been kinda hiding in my little dorm room hole for the past couple of days so it was so good to get out. I'm in such an amazing city, I love it. There's always something going on. It's a good city to get inspiration from.

Speaking of which I should get to writing or homework before I head out for a drink or four at Amersham.


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