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Been behind on the updating...

I'm WAY behind in posting this way way way behind. I've started up this blog a number of times but never got very far before something else took my attention. Anyway so here it it.

So Saturday I went up to Birmingham to go see Chess. As I said that was the musical I was obessed with when i was a kid but hardly ever gets produced. When I saw a poster for it while on the road trip with Christine and Cory I knew I HAD to go. Anyway so the day finally came and I took the train up to Birmingham to see it. Cross that off the list of things to do before i die.

Honeslty I didn't know too much of the story. I only had the soundtrack I listened to all those years to go on and a couple of the voices sound similar and I wasn't sure which character was singing what. I knew the premise that the US and the USSR were battling in a chess match. Turns out, it's a really cynical musical. I can see now why it doesn't get produced often. It leaves you feeling very defeated when you walk out of the theatre. Love doesn't win in the end, egoism and politics win. I mean don't get me wrong it still has the the wow factor that musicals provide with catchty tunes and glitz but still. So it's entertaining but not really uplifting. As for this particular production there were ups and downs. There wasn't an orchestra, which dissapointed me. they had the ensamble (costumed as chess peices) that played thier intruments on stage over a backing trak which I thought was kinda tacky though in these times I can understand the inability to employ a full orchestra and chorus.. That must have been a bitch to cast people who were musicians, singers and actors. The costumes were great for teh most part though the male black chess peices of the ensamble looked like they belonged in a gay leather club which was distracting. The guy who played the russian had an amazingly beautiful voice--operatic almost. Once song I didn't like on the soundtrack when this guy sang it really moved me in this production. Yeah I could go through all the different songs and how I either liked what they did with them or not but I won't . I'll move on.

After the show, I had four hours before my train back to London. I figured that I would just go to a restaurant and get some dinner then got to a pub and write for a while. No such luck. All the restaurants were by reservation only between the theatre crowd and the fact that it was the Saturday before valentine's day. I was turned away in every place I walked in. SO I figured i'd just go to pubs closer to the station but unfortunitly a match got out at the same time so the streets were awash with football hooligans. The pubs were patrolled by a bunch of bobbies,,,it was not going to be an environment where I could write let alone really wanted to be a part of. So sadly, I had to kill my three and a half hours at the station and eat Burger king for dinner. Boo.

Valentines Day was uneventful. i won't go as far as to say that it's worse being far from your love on that day than it is being single on that day. Still though, all those couples remininding you of the love that's thousands of miles away isn't great. Missing Andy made me also miss home in general so I ended up hanging out at a TexMex place for happy hour drinking margaretas, munching on corn chips and salsa and writing. Got a lot of writing done though and naturally Skyped Andy when I got home.

Yesterday after class there was a reading at Goldsmiths. Loads of people went but Kat, James and I abstained and stayed at Amersham for another drink. Then Kat went to meet some friends and James invited me to this poetry reading that his former writing teacher was doing. I'm really glad I went. I had a good time. James is so sweet as well despite my protests he bought her book and gave it to me. I don't even know where to begin repaying back the kindness that he's shown me (and Andy too when he was visisiting). Came home, talked to Andy on Skype and devowered some late night post pints fired chicken.

Yeah so that's the past week in a nutshell. Oh except I went to the gym the other day and just worked the machines instead of doing the treadmill and I'm hurting! Oh god. The insides of my thighs were the most aflicted and Charlotte said "What's wrong with you Mir you're walking like you've been bummed?" Ha ha. She just texted me to see if I would be down for going on a walk and even though I'm thankfully not hungover as I usually am on Thursdays (thank you fried chicken!) I'm not sure if I'm really up to being out and about and taking a walk today either. I'm still sore, want to finish my vegas story by the end of the week and got two collections of short stories suggested to me by Francis in from Amazon. I think I want to make mine a productive indoor "hangover day"...hell I might even do some laundry!

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