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Stuff and Things

I don’t know where to begin when I decide to update these days. First of all Andy got a part time job! Yeay! It being part time means things are going to be still rocky financially but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. The bias employers have had about hiring unemployed people lately, a foot in the door or having something is definitely useful. It sucks that we won’t be able to see each other as much on Skype on certain days of the week but we’ll adjust.

My homesickness is a bit less than it was when I last updated. I’m about fifty fifty wishing to be home and still being excited to be here. I took a walk in central on Friday and it was a gorgeous sunny day and I walked along the Themes, including an area I hadn’t been before. The days getting longer helps and the hope of spring coming (I saw cherry blossoms on a tree yesterday yeay!) helps. I really look forward to spring and summer. I long to take a walk and it be warm enough for me to write on a park bench for free, ya know. At the same time though, I was seriously looking up round trip flights to Seattle at the time of Cathy & Doug’s wedding but yeah, it’s just too expensive. It does seem a bit silly to go to Seattle in June for a week come back and then go home in September, I suppose. It does sound like the cure to go back get it out of my system then come back here and properly appreciate my last couple of months here.

I’ve been stuck on writing. I finished this one story that I think is a winner but it’s long and can only be used for my final dissertation portfolio at the end of the year. So I need to put it away and work on new material for the end of this term. I need two stories and I’ve got fuck all. It sucks when you have a really great idea, everything after that seems really shit. I’m constantly reminded of the “Heavy Pen” sketch from Kids in the Hall. I must say, though, to be perfectly honest I have enjoyed the feedback I got from folks on the long story. I think I earned respect from colleagues, Luke in particular has seemed much warmer to me since he’s learned I can actually write. He even invited me to go with him to this World Book Day event Saturday night.

Speaking of friends, Charlotte is moving into Chesterman next month so I’ll have a friend around more often. Sadly, Rob is moving back to York at the end of the month though, I was just getting close to that guy. (We’ve bonded him as I’m an anglophile and he’s an americnphile? Is that a word? He feels the way about America that I felt about the UK basically. That and he’s fucking hilarious.) I’ve been having a good time hanging out with them after classes on Wednesday and going out for hangover coffee the next day for the past couple of weeks. I’ll be sad when our wild and crazy Wednesday nights out are over. Hopefully some of us will still get together and read eachothers work or whatever in the summer. Anyway I must go I’ve got SOOOO much work to do. So, I’ll leave with a funny quote from James I drunkenly jotted down and just found in my planner. “I would’t be able to go to Afghanistan, I don’t think I could stand the tea.”  


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Mar. 8th, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
Fucking spammers! (noted about the first comment here, which I'm sure you'll remove, yet once you do, others reading this won't know what the fuck I'm talking about, hence the explanation ... which, by now, has turned into a rather long-winded one, hasn't it? Oh well, I just felt I needed to provide some form of commentary to the atrocious actions of spammers. They are, after all, some of the most evil, annoying fuckers on the planet, aren't they? Oh, there I go being long-winded with my diatribes again.

But I digress,

As to the real nuggets of truth here (Miranda's wonderful blog entry, not my editorial on the nature of spammers), I just have this to say:

I want you to come back for a visit, sweetie!!!!! But then again, I am obviously biased.
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