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Holly Zombie Jeebuz it's a Weekend Post

On Thursday I had a tutorial with one of my tutors and I was told to take a weekend off from writing to regroup and stop freaking out. Take a weekend off and not write? Okay I can do that. So I actually had a proper weekend. I mean, I know only going to school one day a week means much of my life is a weekend but usually I tend to Work every day of the wee except for Thursdays when I'm too hungover. So this weekend I took a proper weekend.

On Friday Charlotte and I went to an instillation art exhibit around Royal Festival Hall. One of the perices was suggested to us by Luke and Rob: The Clock. (Click on the link to explain it fully) a 24 hour film of movie clips that relate to the actual time of day. It's amazing! Time just flies when you're watching it, you're totally engrossed--despite the lack of narrative (though I guess you could say there are micro narratives)--and yet you're hyper aware of time while it's happening. I wish I could see it all in different little doses (and not have to pay 6 quid each time). There was also an instillation piece that was a naken man on a bench with a fire. It was really a naked guy. That creeped Charlotte out but I thought it was great. He looks so lifelike, the patrons avert their eyes in case he's real and try to check by descretly looking at something else nearby to check (well that's waht I did anyway.) I wonder if he's the artist or how much he's paid to sit there naked in a gallery? Anyway, we had "a cuppa" afterwards and I headed back to New Cross. In the evening I didn't feel much like drinkin' or anything so I was in and I got to talk to Raye my pop and Andy on Skype.

Saturday, I went to Leister Square and picked up a ticket at one of those discount ticket joints for Chicago. The last West End Musical I went to was back in my visit last year and I want to make more of my time here so I said, fuck it, lets go. After getting my tix and walking around in circles for a half hour trying to find the bloody theatre (I seriously kept missing it by a block over and over again) I took my walk. I thought about walking all the way back home but I was surprized how long it took me just to get to Tower Bridge. On my walk I stayed on the North Bank of the Thames and between St Pauls to The Tower of London, that riverbank walk was new earth I was treading. For whatever reason, I'm usually either on the other side of the river for that stretch or further into the city and not on the river. It was good, refreshing, to see London from a new view. I also wanted to check out Dead Man's Hole which I only learned existed through a colleague's short story. Then took the train home to got get pretty for my night out in the West End.

My West end plans were slightly flubbed by fucking sport. I figured I'd go to a pub to get some grub and some drinks but all the pubs were packed, and not much with the theatre going crowd. No apparently there was some big rugby match that brought out the crowd (not even football hooligans, rugby hooligans?) So I got some grub (steak pie yum!) at Convent Garden Market and then hit up some standing room only pubs and people watched until it was time to go to the theatre.

My seat was seriously in the very back of the theatre, my back was against the wall and shit. Luckily how I figure it works, the house sells those high up pleeb seats to various discount vendors around the city and they don't always sell out every night. So once the ushers leave and before the lights go down, there is a huge rushing of the seats and people move to where they can see better, so I got a better seat with a better sight line and some leg room. 

The show was fantastic! I had so much fun! I had a big dorky grin on my face. When the film came out I went to go see it the day Bush declared war on Iraq and as angry as I was, I went to see that musical and lost myself in a world of gliz, glamor and sexiness. I'm so happy to have seen a production of it on stage--even if the American accents seemed a bit unnatural and forced.

Sunday was a lazy day. Pure laziness, the only productive thing I did really was skype my parents and go through my taxes with them. I'm getting 800 bucks back Woo hoo! Of course it's all going to pay off debt but that's a heafty chuck of my credit card bill paid off.

So on Monday, did the break help? It totally did. I got a lot done on Monday, writing, homework. I had a new energy to get back to it I walked to Royal Festival Hall and got hours of work in. Speaking of which. I should go get my day started. Take a walk around Greenwich and come back to get loads more work done. Cheers!


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Mar. 18th, 2011 09:38 am (UTC)
Have I told ya how awesome and amazing you are? No? Remind me to sometime.
Mar. 20th, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
You tell me all the time. But I can hear it again. :P
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