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6 months in

I've been in London for exactly 6 months today.

Next week is the last day of class (there are some talks in the summer but they're optional). I'm going to be really sad to not see everybody every week. I'll be sad to leave my morning workshop crew as well. I'll miss drunken Wednesday nights at the pub but I won't miss Thursday hangovers. It's all a bit sad that school is ending. though on the plus side, this might be my last summer holiday for a long while...maybe ever. (Well, I'll have my portfolio to work on, but what I mean is I can work on that in a park somewhere, I wont be trapped in an office working.)

It's probably just a evil tease but the weather's been really nice today. I lied out on the green for a half hour or so with Charlotte today and I actually got a bit sunburned, can you believe it. Sunburned in March in London. Love it.

I got my tax return back (woo hoo) and I ended up spending the whole thing on my plane ticket home (awww). Easy come, easy go I guess. I wanted to get my ticket before prices go up (the ticket was already FAR more expensive than my one way flight out here) Anyway so for the record I'll be back state side on Tuesday, September 6th.

In the meantime, I intend to make the most of my remaining 5 months here. I have firmly planned the following...
Raye's visit where we will be going to Dublin!
I'm going to see David Tenant and Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing (Yeah, that's right the Doctor Donna in my favorite Shakesphere play) Got tickets for the preview night in May the other day.

I also intend to
Go to Brighton in the summer and have a day at the beach...
Go back to Paris for a few days (need to start brushing up on my French)
See Dylan Moran again!
Go to the Doctor Who exhibition (on a weekday to avoid too many children)
Hopefully go see Bjork in Manchester if I can swing it.
Make sure I've been to every museum I want to go to in London, every attraction, checked out as many neighborhoods as possible

Basically this is it. This is the time where shit gets real and I have less time left than I've had here at this point. I need to live it up and see as much as I can. Make the most of my time.

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