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WiFi has turned us into douchebags...

Alright, coming from Seattle (home of Microsoft and all that) we've come to expect wifi everywhere for free. If it isn't there we do get a bit pissy. "What do you mean you don't have wifi? What is this RUSSIA?" You know it's true, Seattle.

Free WiFi in London is not as customary as it is at home. HOWEVER I saw a guy do the biggest douchebag move in regards to free WiFi today at Amersham (my fave pub in New Cross if you haven't noticed.) So I spent a day grounded at New Cross this gray rainy day, going to the gym, doing laundry, trying to figure out what I could make for a meal with the extreme limited resources I had in the cupboard and freezer. I made some edits on the computer but when it came to doing a serious re-write I needed proper scenery so I headed over to Amersham to write.

So this guy bursts in and asks the barman who is standing there (just walking into his shift by the way) "Do you guys have WiFi?" The barman says, 'yes." The guy, though all by himself, goes to the table that can hold nine to twelve people and makes himself comfy. He get's up to get the password that's posted at the bar, orders a pint and goes back to his business.

It isn't long before he's back at the bar complaining about the WiFi cutting out.  The guy who had spoke to him earlier said he would talk to the manager went in the back to do so. The barmaid who had also just started her shift sad "Oh, well the router is on the other side on the bar, so you'd get better reception over there."

Then the guy got all indignant on the poor barmaid. He yelled "You could have TOLD me that when I first GOT HERE! Before I sat on the OTHER side of the pub!! I ASKED YOU if you had WiFi and you said YES. You could have said it THEN!" Completely chewing out this poor innocent barmaid while the barman he was talking to earlier was TRYING to boost the reception for him."

What a dick head.

I thought Seattleites were bad when they got bad (or no) WiFI. And I thought the British were polite. WTF? My whole world is blown.
This is when if I were in America where people tip, my Seattle politeness would have tipped the poor barmaid extra my next drink in sympathy. I don't know how to help out in these situations here. All I could do was shoot her a sympathetic glance that says "what a douche!"


Apr. 6th, 2011 01:12 am (UTC)
Douchebags are alot like midgets. There's at least one everywhere you go. It may be a bit harder to see them but you know they're there somewhere, being all midgety.
Apr. 6th, 2011 04:47 pm (UTC)
hahahahahahaha. I like it! :)

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