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In true fashion Raye and I did our trip to Dublin totally wrong. For starters we showed up hungover as all hell. We went on Easter weekend so once our really bad hangover was over it was Good Friday and it was illegal to sell any alcohol. We chose the one day the Irish DON"T drink. WTF? So had another night in. Though the religious element of the weekend was all there was about the weekend. It was also the anniversary of the Easter Rebellion that eventually lead to independence.  We did do loads of sight seeing. I took a crap ton of pictures.

Temple Bar

Temple bar

Bad ass is not hyphonated! This term forever makes me miss Tablet. Had to take a pic when I saw it in Temple Bar

Temple Bar


Writer's Museum

Inside Writer's Museum

Oscar Wilde's House

Oscar Wilde Memorial

Jame's Joyce Statue in St. Stephen's Green

Mir in St Stephen's Green

James Joyce again. (They love thier writers there!)

Kilmainham Jail

Mir's down & out in Kilmainhan Jail

Enterence to the Irish Museum of Modern art

Look out for foxes!!

...and apparently squirrels

and hedgehogs too I guess...

...and whatever that's supposed to be.

Tasting at the Guiness Store house

Our lucky pint :)

View from the Storehouse

Another view from the Sotrehouse

After the Guniess Storehouse we hit up the Jameson Distillery. Did you know it's tripple distilled? (they made a big deal about that)

Dublin Castle

St Patricks

St. Patricks

St Patricks

At St Patricks

Part of a writers memorial at St Patricks. Love it!

Dublinia museum by Christchurch

View from Dublinia tower

View from Dublinia (with Christchurch)


Bridge between Dublinia & Christchurch




Crypt in Christchurch

Mumified cat chasing a mouse that was found in the organ. The two were killed instantly in mid chase and found years later. Aparently it's featured in Joyce's Finnagins Wake. COOL!

I like when the picture does the caption for me.

City post office where the revolution started. With a small easter memorial of bagpipes.

heh heh heh...

...and speaking of knockers. Statue of Molly Malone.


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May. 2nd, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)
Re: Cat?
I guess it could be a cat...a big boned cat. Guess that's no weirder than hedgehog.

And thanks for lookin' at them & commenting!
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