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And we shall call it....this land.

So I've run into a bit of a problem. I've gotten to know London too well. I've been taking my walks, wandering around central and every time i find new ground I haven't walked i quickly run into somewhere familiar. That's not to say "I've seen all of London" I'm just saying I''ve been here long enough to know my way around, once I decide to take a back street, exploring, I find myself in somehwhere I already know. Seriously the more I fill in the blanks, once i realize this place leads to that, the smaller it feels. That should make me happy. I'm really learning the ins and outs of this city. I'm getting it all down more and more. That's good. But my need for complete city knowledge is competeing with my wanderlust. I'm proud of filling in the blanks of all the little nooks and cranny's off the high streets I'm learning but I get sad every time I walk into already known territory, like I'm not accomplishing anything. My wanderlust demands that I walk new earth, and for some reason after Rayes visit and Dublin my warderlust has been nagging at me. I don't know what it is. I explored a bit of mile end and wanted to see Victoria Park the other day but once I got there, I found that it's in the process of restoration and was gutted. That not only dissapointed me but ruined my walk as I planned a 9 mile walk to there, around and back from Whitchapel station. However, bing on the rag I anticipated the park restroom, which was closed with much of the rest of the park, which meant I just had to head back home. I know TMI, but I feel that encoumpases how I've been feeling about exploring since Raye got here. remember I was all about exploring and it was going really well? Well, these days it seems it's just hasn't been going in my favor. I don't know if it's my state of mind, the fact that I'm broke and can't just walk into any place and spend money if I'm thirsty or need a bathroom, or just want a drink. Lately I've felt disenchated. I shouldn't I love this city. I'm going to miss it. But I think I'm a bit homesick as well. I want to go home for two weeks and come back but that's just not in the cards.

However. today on my walk I went to Crystal Palace and checked out the park there. I had origionally known about the place because Luke lives there. But I looked it up and Crystal Palace was this great exhibition in the lat 19th century, like an early worlds fair. The structure for which it got it's name burned down in the thirties, sadly. However, I learned for wikipedia that there was also this 19th century dinosaur sculpture park that has been restored and is still there. So I decided to check it out today. I wish I knew about this before Christine and Cory came to visit. I think Cory would have really liked it, even though the figures are by todays standards completely inaccurate. It was the 19th century, Darwin's theories and dinosaurs were a totally new thing...which make these figures their own amazing time capsule. Anyway less chat more...dinosaur!

They also incorporated some mamals later on, I guess, to try to give Darwin a hand, though I didn't find looking at statues of familiar animals nearly as cool as seeing the vision of dinosaurs from a century ago nearly as interesting. Shit, man, dinosaurs have aparently changed from even when I was a kid and Jurassic Park came out. What with this whole feathers business. Anyway, it was good to see something totally new, even if it was kinda suburban.
More to come.


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May. 17th, 2011 10:35 am (UTC)
Re: Oh wow!
Sorry I didn't know about that when you guys were here. :(
It probably looked a bit weird being this childless adult walking around the park with a big ol' smile on my face and taking pictures. Ha.
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