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...and thanks for all the fish.

Today is Towel Day so I thought it would be a fitting day to pay my respects to the writer that's been the closest to my heart for the longest time of my life, Douglas Adams. He's buried in Highgate Cemetary in north London. It was an easy commute, not too hard to find and the weather today was lovely. At the gate of the cemetery there's a little office where you pay and can get a map. Working inside was a little old man who was quite the character. He was very freindly, like overly friendly, like he needs to spend a bit more time with the living. He was getting a real joy out of chatting up the blond Sweedish student who was paying right before me.  I love when life gives you characters like that.

Anywhoo so I walked in and the cemetery is amazing. It's beautiful, it's creepy, it's old, It's like dead on what one imagines when they think of a creepy old cemetery. (no pun intended). I kind of hoped that there would be other nerds at Adam's gravesight but alas I was the only one. I was glad I sprung to buy a map becasue I might not have found it otherwise. It's really non-descript.

Now I, like Adams, am a proud athiest but when it comes to gravestones we appear to get the short end of the stick. Maybe he just liked the minimalist approach. Any way someone obviously left him a towel and what I can only assume was once a bowl of petunias and a little toy dolphin. I felt bad that I didn't have anything to offer. So since I read in the little blurb on the map that his funeral ended with the Beatles song "Paperback Writer" (also one of my two favorite beatles songs ever, it was even once my e-mail address for years) I decided to leave a little pin from my pre-flaired Beatles purse I got in Liverpool.

There it is on the far left.

After paying my respects I wandered around the awesome cemetery and took pictures.

Karl Marx's Tomb

Writer George Elliot.


OMG a weeping Angel!

At one point, I came across a fresher grave covered in flowers and saw an old man sitting on a bench, staring at the grave. It broke my heart. I imagined he lost his wife. I slinked away, crying. Then there was another woman, planting flowers on a grave of her loved one. I suddenly felt like a tawt for wandering around the place with a big smile and snapping pictures. So I decided to make a move and head home.


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May. 26th, 2011 02:47 am (UTC)
What an amazing looking cemetery, thanks for posting the pics. I think it's awesome that you paid your respects to Douglas Adams on today of all days. :-)
(Deleted comment)
May. 26th, 2011 09:06 am (UTC)
Re: Aw, man
Honestly there was one moment that I embarrassingly got spooked and turned around. See that pathway in the third to last picture. I was walking down there thinking, "man, this is kinda spooky" (that's where I took many of the graves that have been taken over by the plant growth) and at one point I saw what looked like a tomb that was opened up and for some reason that freaked me out and I had to turn around and get out of that area. Stupid, I know but you can't help it when things are spooky. Like I would not go there at night. I'd piss myself in fear (partially because it's trespassing) *wink*
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