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What is it about watching a play essentially about coming to terms with death that makes one feel so happy and lively? I just got home from seeing Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead at the Theatre Royal Haymarket. It was fantastic! I've loved the film and it's all I've known previously as I haven't seen a production of the play but I think it works so much better on stage. Guh! I enjoyed it so much! Now I'm kind of dissapointed that if I want to experience it again I have to settle for the film and it's never going to hold up now. I'm so glad I happened to walk by the theatre a few weeks ago to see it was playing and went. I loved it! Plus I'm glad I got to go to that theatre as that's the theatre where Oscar Wilde premered two of his plays, A Woman of No Importance and An Ideal Husband. Neat!
It was a good day. I had my last tutorial at Festival Hall with Pam and it went well, even though I was a bit weary of it (the dueling tutor thing). After that I went to the Texas Embassy at trafalger square and had a plentiful amount of margaretas while writing through my responce to my tutorial and thinking of where to go from there. When I was at the bar, there were three native Texans next to me, which usually wouldn't matter but does to me at the moment as my story takes place in Dallas/Ft Worth and I've never been there, but then again I've never been to 1963 either. I wanted to talk to them, maybe get something out of them that might be useful for my story, or just plain not be sitting alone drinking 5 margaretas by myself but alas, I'm shy. Ah well. Dorothy's from Texas. I can always feild her for questions, and I have, actually.
Then I went to the play. Was amazing. Also got to move up seats from the cheap gallery seats to the Upper Circle for a better view and more comfortable seats.
After the play I came out. It was 10pm but still twilight out. The streets were busy but not cray as the proper West End, just north of where I was. I walked across the river with that beautiful view of the London Eye and Big Ben and felt content. Homesickness staved off for a moment of happines just where I was. Picked up an Evening standard and read up on the days news as I stood packed on the. On the overground we were squeezed in like sardeens. I was so content, I didn't even stop for corner shop piss on the way home. I was just happy to come home, blog and get some shut eye before the trip to oxford. Oh and Andy's home so I can talk to him my night just keeps better (though, it's sad he's home...he's sick...boo)


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