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Stuff and things

Just got home from seeing Dylan Moran at the Hammersmith Apollo. It was good. It wasn't as good as the last gig I saw him back when I came to London for a visit. Though I think that's only a half fair statement. It's fair in that this gig seemed shorter, and he recycled a few jokes from previous shows I think that's a fair critisism. But also it's very different because the last gig was at a smaller venue (the Apollo theatre in the West End) and I was sitting much closer, tonight i was in the second to the last row. Plus when I first saw him it was my very first night in London ever so I was kinda high on that fact and a bit jet lagged and delious. That night though, I damn near pissed myself with laughter which I wasn't close to tonight, but then I didn't drink as much this time around. But yeah, it was good, I laughed. Plus they were filming for the DVD so when that comes out I'll have to buy it and remember, hey that's my laughter in there somewhere. (Though who can say when, they'll probably edit the three nights in London together.) Anyway, still wonderful crumudgen comedy with delightful absurdity. Plus, I noticed, having lived here for a while I caught more references to people and places this time around. That helps.

Not too much has been up, really. Well, I finished my first full (short of one paragraph) draft of my second story for portfolio on Monday. I was quite pleased about that. It's been a long time in the making, finally getting to the end was a huge relief. I went out to Amersham after I was done, initially for just a couple of drinks and to write in my writing journal about the story. Then Luke and James walked in the door and I had a couple more drinks with them. Now this weekend I have plans to tag along with James to see his hometown of Guilford this weekend. It'll be nice to get out of the city a little and see someplace new. He's mentioned it a handful of times before and I brought it up; "hey when you gonna show me your hometown?" and he said he was going this weekend so BAM, travel plans. I also think it's funny that he's front the town where Ford Prefect says she's from in HitchHicker's Guide to the Galaxy. (Yeah thats how much of a dork I am.)

Lost Tuesday to a hangover day. Lost Wednesday to just a complete lack of engery, feeling, kinda down, homesick, unmotivated. I mean, I dealt with a bit of housekeeping. I caught up on American news and watched literally hours of Rachel Maddow and read the Seattle papers online.  I mostly found myself thinking about going home. I was looking at craigslist job postings and apartment listings (though it's too early for both of those right now) and then spent a long time looking at wedding stuff. But that's just me I guess, I've not had much of a five year plan in my adult life but the scope is usually pointed a year in the future. That and I think, despite how much I'll miss this city and the fun stuff I'm looking forward to doing before I leave, I'm really looking forward to coming home. However, unless it's a hangover day and I physically can't leave the dorm, I don't want to waste another day in this little prision. No more of that. After yesterday, it was really good to get out today and do something fun.

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