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7 weeks...

I'm collecting a list of things I'm going to miss about London when I get home. I'm saving the full list to blog about until closer to my departure date but here's sneak peak of something I'm going to miss...Running into random filmimgs around the city!

There was this one in Greenwich last week (this is also where they filmed the newest Pirates movie when I got here, I've also seen  filming another period peice here before, it's a popular filming site)

Another filming I ran into in Fitzrovia Square today

My spidy-sense is telling me it's a telly cop show. (Seems a bit small for a film)
There was also filming going on by Senate House Library  I saw when I was returning some books yesterday. I love it!

Also, tonight, I was walking to across the bridge to Waterloo when I was struck dumbfounded. Randomly the opening riff of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child" came on my MP3 player while I was looking at the eastern view of the Thames and I just felt...amazing. That guitar riff while walking can make anyone feel like a rock star anyway but the beauty of the city was just awesome. I just stopped and looked, breathed it all in,  while the song played out. After that  I wasn't in a hurry to get home so I took my time and decided to go to London Bridge station instead and took a couple of pics along the Thames on my way.

It's a pity my little point and shot doesn't really dig night shots so they're all a bit fuzzy. Also, even if I had a fancy-pants camera it would still pale in comparison to the beauty of the real deal. There's something about St Pauls that it so lovely in person but doesn't quite translate into film for some reason. Ah well, that's why it's important that I remember to enjoy the moment.

Fuzzy St Pauls

Southwark Cathedral

Near London Bridge...I liked the lines in this shot, too bad it turned out fuzzy

Oh and here's the walk map, though mind you there was a handfull of stops at pubs to write and such. So it wasn't quite an all in one walk

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