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Here's a tip:

If you live abroad for a year DON'T BUY ANYTHING!!
I spent 103 quid to ship the two boxes home to Seattle.
I didn't really calculate online what the cost would be because I had not point of reference (damn you metric system!) At least know I know. The box of books, which I figured would be the most expensive, was 5.95kg (13lbs.) and the other box which was mostly winter clothes was 3.6kg (8lbs.). So now I know. But I was not quite expecting it to be that much. I figured maybe 40 quid a piece, not 70!! (The teller gave me a deal on the two buy running it as one parcel for the combined weight, I think.) I hope they both make it.

So basically this gave me a bit of a freak out. So when i got home I did a practice pack. I literally packed my luggage as much as I could and saw what I had left over. Then I decided of what was left over what was worth actually packing. I've got two more boxes, one mostly DVDs, the other is a shoebox of momentos and such. I thought about looking into sending through DHL. It's about the same price. Based on the website it looks like royal Mail will still be cheaper. So i"m looking at dropping another hundred quid. I still have to sift through three file folders of papers of my drafts of stories that have been workshoped though the year. I'll have to figure out as well. I'll have a large amount to donate to Oxfam when I'm done. Everything must go.

New Rule, I will not spend money on anything that I can not smoke, drink or eat! I know I've got one more play so that's a program. but when I go on my other trips, not swag, no momentos, nothing. My walking shoes better fucking last the rest of my stay because though I despriately need new ones there is NO ROOM! I'll toss 'em, and get new ones when I get home. So yeah. Not going to send the next batch out until after my trips and my last theatre jaunt in the West End.

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