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Day trip to Stonehenge & Bath

Yesterday was the one month countdown mark to my departure date. It was also my day trip to Stonehenge & Bath. I took one of those touristy coach tours. I opted to be picked up by Victoria station (one of the later pick up points) but the coach was over 45 minutes late because of the triathlon, so I suppose I can blame a third of the lateness on bicyclists.  I liked our tour guide she was bubbly but not too bubly. Some of the other passengers got on my nerves, though. It was the maiden voyage of our big pink bus, which was very comfy. We got to Stonehenge, "one of the biggest henges in the world." It's actually much smaller than I had imagined. that surprised me. They say the area around there is spooky and maybe I'd see that at dawn or dusk but it just seemed to me to be really touristy. We were there for an hour which was more than enough time. Then it was back in the bus for another hour or so to Bath. Our tour guide pointed a few things along the way. Bath is BEAUTIFUL! My pictures don't really do it justice. It was hard to get a full pictures with the hills and all while on the bus (I tried to take a few in on the bus, but many of them didn't turn out too well). We got free entry into the old roman bath and after that we had free time to go explore the city. The bath was very neat. Though, again the tourists got on my nerves. I've developed a hatred for audio guides. People using that things are like drivers on cellphones. They pay NO attention to where they are or anything around them. I don't use them myself, I'd rather read a plaque or something and move at my own pace and I wouldn't care if other people used the blasted things so long as the didn't just stand in the middle of crowd and not budge. Grr. But the baths were neat but I kinda rushed through when i realized how little time we had. We got into bath at 2 and we had to be back at the bus by 4:30. So I made a move to go exploring and take pictures. My need for a loo before we left brought me to the tineyest pub in the city where I enjoyed a really quick glass of wine and a smoke outside in the city market alley before taking off. We drove by some pretty scenery and little towns on our way back to London.
So without further adu I'll get to pictures because I need to head out of here and go get some work done on portfoilio while the sun is still shining.

Mir at Stonehenge

See, smaller than I thought.

The spring.

I made a wish but I aint telling.

Finally a couple that sort of turned out from the bus.

A church on the hill at bath...sorry it's blurry.

Countryside outside Bath

Aww man, And now there's no more sun. :(

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