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London's Burning...

Just to clarify the riots in London are not where I am. Tottenham is North East London and I'm in South East London. I've never been but to get there I would have to get up at the furtherst north east point on my overground line and walk a while to get there. The other place where there were disturbances last night were even north of that. There was some looting in Brixton last night too, which is in south London, to the slightly south and west of New Cross. But I've not been to Brixton, and wouldn't be there alone at night in the first place. I saw a friend post a FB update about something happening in Lewisham but I think he was just being facetious, making a joke about looting a PoundLand. 

Anyway thought I'd put that out there. I'm off to Wales now.

Back from Wales and it's gotten worse in London. Riots have Spread to Peckham & Lewisham, which are directly West and East of New Cross, respectfully. Got off the train at 10:20ish and noticed in NewX all was dead. A lot of the shops that are open up all night are shut and the pubs had an early lock in. Eep! I'm going to have to be home before dark for a while methinks. Though, then again, when I was in Wales having dinner at a pub I saw on the telly that the riots in Hacneky had already started. That was at like 4pm. Scary.

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