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On Friday, what with my critical commentary done and my portfolio stories to be read for edits on workshop on Wednesday, I had a fee day to do whatever and not work on school work. I didn’t really know what to do with myself at first, actually. So I decided to knock off a touristy thing I want to do before I leave London and went to tour Westminster Abby early in the morning before the lines got too long. Sadly, you’re not allowed to take pictures there so I have nothing to share here about it. It was probably good, though that you can’t take pictures because even as early as when it just opened it was jam packed with tourist and their fucking audio guides. I even used the blaseted things because it’s the only way to get info about what you’re looking at there’s not many plaques. Got to see the tombs of English kings and Queen Elizabeth. There’s a poets corner where Chauser is buried and memorials for great English writers for Shakesphere to D.H. Lawerence. Darwin and Newton are there too.  The building is beautiful but very busy with hundreds and hunderes of years worth of shrines. For an atheist though, I have always been in awe of grand old churches. I’m going to hit up St Pauls before I go as well.

After that was over I walked around and tried to get lost. Stumbled across channel 4’s building. Shortly after that I stumbled on to the Tate, where I also haven’t been yet. So I popped in and checked out their house collection—didn’t feel like spending the rest of my days allowance on the special exhibits. The Tate’s okay. I haven’t been missing too much though, The Tate Modern and National Gallery are far more impressive. At the end of the art gallery in the gift shop I was looking at some London books and it made me terribly sad—thinking of how much I’m going to miss this city. I toyed with the idea of buying a couple of books I saw but remembered my shipping situation.

So I moved on. I walked around some more, eventually finding myself in Chelsea. I went past the botanical garden there and decided to check it out. I spent an hour walking around, learning about plants and taking pictures of the flowers. I now know who Slone Square is named after and that the area of the garden has it’s own tiny microclimate by it’s location on the river and the surrounding brick buildings. It’s not a place I would recommend to anyone who’s allergic to bees, however. Bees everywhere, I feel like I had gone into a plant orgy. I was there for about an hour and as I was walking out the guy who sold me my ticket asked “leaving so soon?” How much time am I supposed to dedicate to looking at plans in a small garden? I was surprised it took an hour.

I walked around some more, kinda got myself lost in Chelsea going around in circles. Seeing a cute street, walking down it and it would curve around and I be back on the Thames again. This happened like three or four times. I just couldn’t get over how lovely some of those streets were and I tried to imagine living there (if I had millions of pounds, of course). Eventually got to Slone Square then Knightsbridge. I was in a weird mood. Coming to terms with leaving this city and thinking about my return to Seattle and what I’ll need to do. In Knightsbridge I went into H&M and started trying on clothes to maybe find an outfit for job interviews when I get back home. Didn’t have any luck. But went into the fitting room like four times. I really do love fall fashion and the stuff in H&M was very retro ‘60’s Mad Men type stuff I really liked, but luckly I walked out empty handed. I thought maybe I should do this with a girl friend for a second opinion. Situations have changed a bit and it’s not really an issue any more. So it turns out really good that I didn’t drop the money.

Later in the evening I went to the Amersham with James for a couple of pints and a catch up. He gave me some really good suggestions for my trip to Brighton the next day, which I’ll get on to talk about in a following post. In the mean time, enjoy these soothing pictures of flowers and the Chelsea garden.


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Aug. 14th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
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