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Recent walks and pictures...

Sunday's walk-

Started at Whitechappel and went up brick lane which I haven't been to on a Sunday and found it was quite bustling with East London hipsters cruising the Sunday market. Then walked around Shoreditch a bit then into Islington to Angel. Wasn't quite sure if I'd walked 5 miles yet so I wandered some more along Essex street into Cantonbury where I eventually found "New River Walk" a bit of a park, where I took some pictures.

Algee infested water.

It's so green!

That's a bit better.
Then back into Angel where I got some coffee then foolishly stopped into a bookshop while a sale was on and got three more books. THen, out of money I headed back towards highburry & Islighton station and went home. Of course once I got back into New Cross the sun was blazing so I went and finished the book I of short stories I was reading on the college green and soaked in some rays for a bit.

Today's Walk

Today walked from Wapping to South Kensington where I checked out the Science Museum (it free!!)
The walk was good, lovely. Never know when I see stuff if it's going to be the last time (for a while) so I just took it all in.
The Science Museum was let's just say far more impressive than the Pacific Science Center. Though, the experience would have been FAR more plesant without all the goddamned children. Maybe that's just me bing in a crabby mood. Today I realy identified with every child-hating villian from children's literature and films. It was kinda funny, looking at old steam engins and such, really sick of children and thinking maybe the Victorians were on to something and child power is the greenest sourse of renewable energy. Is that going too far? Yeah, well there it is. Anyway, here's a collection from the history of technology (nostly transport).

The oldest steam locomotive.

Another old locomotive

This one is shiney!

The first motorcar in Briton

And another different old car

The first Jet Engine Car


VWs on racks

Tee hee!

I don't know if i'd rather see a midget driving this or a load of clowns to come out.

Planes as well

The Apollo 10 command modual "Charlie Brown" Neat.

In other news, sent home two more boxes today. 113 quid. yikes. But after I send my posters, that will be that. Everything else will either be with me on the plane home or not destined to touch American soil and will go to a charity shop or something. Two weeks from tomorrow.


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Aug. 22nd, 2011 07:05 pm (UTC)
Oh god I just realized. If I can't handle the little ankle bitters at the Science Museum how the hell am I going to fare at the Dr Who Experience when i finally get around to going? I should have gone on a weekday when school was still in session. I'm such and idiot.
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