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Farewell Senate House Library

Today the weather was really crappy so I went to the gym in lieu of a walk and I got all studious and put in my work hours at Senate House Library. I remembered a book that I had checked out there and read but didn't write down anything for my bibliog for portfolio, so I went back to find it. I figured it would probably be my last visit there, so I got a little sentimental. The building is so cool, it's got so much character. I went to the little nook I like in the American Literaature section where I often liked to go to work. You know, kick it with my American writer hommies. I'm such a nerd, I took a few pictures before I left to remember it by.

Usually my nook was in this little room, in front of the window and next to the Burkowsi shelf but they aparently moved the desk one room over to the left...

over here, next to Sallenger.

The view is pretty much the same though.

The Univerisy of London Anglican church.

It was sad to leave. Even sadder when the second floor on the North Wing was all hauled out and empty. I'm glad that my American lit section was still intact. It's one place I can't exactly come back to visit becasue I wont be a University of London Student whenever I come back to London. As I stood outside smoking a cigarette before facing the rain on the way to Googe Street staion, there was a couple that were chatting next to me and they were obviously going to embark a long distance relationship after the end of term. That somehow made me feel better. Becasue though I'm leaving here, I have my life in Seattle to return to and will no longer have to endure the long-distance-relationship business. Silver lining. :)

Be prepared for more sentimental posts in the next two weeks. Fair warning.

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