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I'm on a BOAT!!!

Today's adventure. I took a walk through South London, then the sun came out. When I got to Embankment, I decided to get a new view of the city from middle of the Thames on a boat! I took one of the little clipper ferries. IT was WAY cheaper than I thought, only 5.50 for a single and I got 1/3 off for having an oyster card. Sweet! Went from central to Greenwich.

Came across the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth

War Museum

A groovy underpass under Waterloo...

Oh man! That just spoiled my childhood. I'm a huge Simpsons fan.

shitty pic of me but I'M ON A BOAT!!!

Westminster from the Thames

London Eye (from a BOAT)

The city

Underneith the bridge mmmmmmm mmmmmmm

Tate Modern and wobbly bridge

Cool building at London Beidge, I forget waht it's called "something London bridge" I think. and the Shard.

Lovely Tower bridge

Back on land at Greenwich. I heart Greenwich.

At Greenwich I finally got around to going to The Trafalgar Tavern, aparently a very famous pub, featured in a Dickens novel. I've walk by it on my Greenwich walk all the time but never went in becasue I assumed it would be pricey. but a pimms and lemonade was only four quid. Not bad. Glad I finally checked it out. Then sat in the green at the Greenwich College for a while. While in Greenwich, I was doing my final read-through and edits for portfolio.

Tonight I got the final edits and formatting done. (Don't get me started about formatting it was more of a chore than it should be. *sigh*) But it's DONE! I'm headed to the printers tomorrow! Woo Hoo!! A good day. Now if only I could unwind and get some "zeds" as they say in these parts. good night!


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Aug. 25th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
I was expecting more from your NSFW photos, try harder next time! :) Funny graf though. If and when my sister's wedding actually happens, I'm gonna have to bug you for your top 10 list for London for things to do/see.
Aug. 25th, 2011 10:03 pm (UTC)
Sorry to disappoint on the NSFW but I was just being safe,one of my friends is an elementary school teacher so, I thought it was being considerate just in case.

I will gladly give you a top 10 list when the time comes, and tips. :)

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