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Toppins, Toppins, Toppins a bag!

Knocking off stuff I want to do before departure, today I went to St. Pauls Cathedral. The inside of the building is pretty amazing but, you're not allowed to take pictures, for understandable reasons, it is a functioning church afterall. However, if you're up for walking up loads of steps, you can go up the dome and see a panaramic view of London. Unfortuanly the weather is really crappy today but I went anyway. The stairs are a bit brutal, it was totaly worth it. From the Whispering Gallery (inside--30 metres up) you can look down and see most of the church. From there you can walk up another 23 metres there's the Stone gallery where you can go out and look at the view. Then if you go up another 32 metres, to the Golden Gallery on the very top. The stairs up to that that were kind of terrifying to me. I'm not afraid of heights but the stairs are metal spiral staircases, and as it was rainging all day it was slippery and you can very easily see how high up you are if you were to slip and fall. Though I do better at going up than going down. I trip way more often going downstairs becasue even with glasses my depth perception is a bit off. So going down all those stairs actually to me much longer than going up and I held on to anything I could for dear life on the way down.  Anyway, on the slow way down there was a little girl singing the song from Marry Poppins about the bird lady at the foot of St. Pauls. Thought that was kind of cute. And also liked having her right in front of me to break my fall if I tripped. On with the pictures...

Stone gallery (Lower)

The City

Tate Modern & Wobbly bridge

The square beside the church

Okay from the Golden (top) Gallery

Top of the church and part of the dome

The City and Canary Warf in the distance

Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Monument..actually I can just barely see the tower blocks in Deptford. If it were a clear day they might have showed up better in the picture.

The Shard and London Bridge

Sharrd to Tate

Finally when I get to the top of things I like to take picutres of the very, very top, becasue where else are you going to see it from that perspective again.

Yep so cross St. Pauls off the list. :)

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