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Mixed Nuts

Today's walk(s)
Part one, checking out Alexandra Palace (via Crouch hill)

Part two, (From Earl's Court to the Trafalgar Square)

Pictures of Alexandra Palace

Look at this bullshit, it's FALL already. Don't get me wrong I love fall. it's just that we didn't get a summer and it's still (technically) August!

oh Deer!!

Charlotte used to iceskate here. :)

too bad it wasn't a clearer day. that's Canary Warf off in the distance.

Boating Pond

The tower at Alexandra Palace, a famous one, where the first BBC TV signal went out.

See, it's got a blue plaque and everything

The park and London

Again I wish it was a clear day, there's the London city skyline in the distance.

The other side of the palace, the bar. :)
Fianlly in Earl's Court, The Doctor has landed

Actually, a couple years ago they had a Dr Who exhibition at the Earl's Court exhibition centre so I assume this is just a left over, but still. YEAY! Tomorrow, I'm going to the current Dr, Who exhibition so expect more nerdyness then.

Unfortunitly, something that pissed me off when I took these pictures, aparently the LDC screen in my camera got cracked so I can only see less than half of what I'm pointing at. It's getting worse in worse. Soon I'm going to be pointing and shooting as blind as Stevie Wonder. At least it still takes pictures. However, the quality of pics will go down as I wont be able to tell if it's fuzzy or if I'm even pointing at the right thing until I upload the mem card. so Boo and apologies. Man! What is it with me an digital cameras?

Walking from Earl's Court, through Hyde Park, I got really down. I was sad I was sad to be leaving this wonderful city which I seriously have fallen in love with. But I was also excited to come home. I just didn't know what to do with myself. I wished I had booked my flight for sooner after I'm done with turn in, that way, I wouldn't draw out this long goodbye with the city. I'd be pulling it off like a band-aid. Perhaps that would have been better becasue these days of not knowing what to do with myself and making "last visits" to different places, is actually quite sad. So I wish I was just leaving sooner but part of me not wanting to leave. I've been playing a game in my head the last few weeks of relocating friends in Seattle to various neighborhoods in London. Andy and I would live in Wapping of somplace nice next to the water. I'd put Raye and Sam in East London or Camden. My rents I'd give some place nice in Islingonton or something. (This is of course if money were not an issue). It's really a weird feeling, like being pulled in two directions, overwhelmingly sad but also full of giddy anticipation. So I guess to even this out, I made my last visit at the Tex Mex place and had a few margarettas and some decent chips and salsa. That made me more excited to go home but didn't make the weird feelings go away, though four margarettas help brighten the mood regardless.

Hopefully this will be my last slightly sad day Tomorrow is Dr. Who exhibit day! Friday is the big final turn in party where I'll be with all my MA mates. My cousin Kent, is after all stopping by London on his big tour around (half) the world and crashing at mine. Not to mention I've still got to close my bank account, get my hair did, go sell/donate some shit and pack/clean. Perhapse keeping busy will make the time go faster and make the hurt duller.*

*I didn't think "duller" was a word but firefox aint correcting it.


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Sep. 1st, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Of course duller is a word ... as in "which knife is duller." For years, I used to call Washington D.C.'s airport (Dulles), "Dullest," thinking someone had actually named it for being the most boring airport. (I have since seen far worse -- try spending time in Reno).

I'm sorry you're having mixed thoughts love, but it's understandable. Just know that even if you could move everyone over there, you'd really, REALLY miss Seattle.
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