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Here it is. It's September. it's the due date day for portfolio. Though mine is already in today marks the official end of my MA. I'll be home in 4 days!

Yesterday I went to the Dr Who Experience. It was fun, though i was really pissed off that my camera fully broke while I was there. I got like six pics and the camera decided to stop working. Sonof a bitch. There I was, too with the Taris set (coral one) right in front of me and I couldn't take a picture. That annoyed me. So my camera's done but I at least got one Dalek pic and one Tardis pic. I also restrained myself when the tour ended at the gift shop, of course. It was fun. I'm really glad I made it. It was tight to get all the way across town in an hour, I was stressing but I made it. (The tickets are for timed half hour increments.) Oh yeah, another thing I love about Dr Who...it scares small children. In the Dalek room, where all these Daleks come out of nowhere and start their shouting "EXTERMINATE" one little girl clung on to her dad's legs cowering. Another little boy was like, "fuck this, I'm out" and headed for the exit and the tour guide and to run after him. Ha ha!

After that I took the long train to Lewisham to go get my hair cut before I go home. It was a nice day yesterday it's a pity I had to spend so much of it inside but I didn't see any other day that would work to get my hair done before I went home. It was a long wait, lots of parents were taking thier kids in for a trim before school starts next week. My hairdresser was really bitchy to me. I mean I understand she was having a busy afternoon but she didn't have to be such a cunt about it. She should be happy to do my hair which I was paying 25 quid for rather than the kids hair which were either free or like 8 quid. It makes me glad I'm over here where you're not at all expected to tip. Knowing me I would have felt obligated to give her a tip for her "trouble" even though she was bitchy and just doing her job.

So that's two things crossed off my list. I still have some more practical stuff I've got to do, like close my bank account and print my last ticket and such. But tonight it's mostly about the big final party. Weee!! Pity I can't take any pictures of the debautchery Boo!

I might not be able to post for a while in upcoming days.

Friday-Party with my MA mates!
Saturday- go out for full English breakfast for hangover, hang out with Charlotte being girly and watching films, pick up cousin at Heathrow
Sunday- car boot sale/get rid of stuff, entertain cuz, wander around city
Monday-Pack/clean, close bank account
Tuesday-make the long trek home

See not a lot of time for blogging. hopefully I can get one more final post, probably monday night or something before I go. I've been keeping that list of things I'll miss and things I wont miss about London and the UK. Until then...I'm off!


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Sep. 2nd, 2011 05:17 pm (UTC)
Congrats on finishing!!! YAY!!!
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