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Update: Last Days

Friday's turn in day went very well up to the end. I met up with Rob and we had a coffee and went to Deptford High Street for him to pick up flowers for maria (the English Dept's Admin) which was very sweet of him. We met up with Kat and had lunch in the garden at Cafe Creama then Charlotte joined as well. It wasn't long before we didn't know what to do with ourselvs so Rob handed in his portfolio and we all headed to the Amersham, where Luke and James eventually joined. Eventually Alistar came out as well and we did the New Cross drinking tour. We hit up the Hob Goblin, where we saw more second year part timers and got some grub for dinner. We hit up the Albert after that then ended up back at the Amersham where we in the back room dancing and having a good time until I crashed. It's hard to keep up when i've been awake since six in the morning and we'd started drinking at 2 in the afternoon. I fell asleep at the bar and James had to escort me home. It's a real bummer I didn't get to propperly get to say good bye to some folks. But real tragedy didn't strike apart from my sim card being missing from my phone the next morning. Oh yeah, an Rob tore a ligament in his anckle from trying to breakdance.

Saturday,  me Charl and Rob were well hungover. Rob and I went out for a ful English across the road and me and Char hung out and watched Donnie Darko and put on face masks being propperly girlie, while Rob went out for a coffee with Paula. That eveinig I had to pick up my cousin Kent from Heathrow so I left Rob and Char to watch DVDs on my laptop in my room while I was out. The Heathrow experience didn't work out so well. The number I had given Kent no longer was my phone number as, I'd lost my SIM card. And the whole thing was a big cock-up. Aparently I was at Terminal 1 when I needed to be at Terminal 5, so after waiting for an hour and a half after his plane landed, I learned this. I thought for sure that I had missed him and the kid had to go find a hotel somewhere and I had no way to contact him. I was origiionally worried that maybe he didn't get in the country, but then found out that I had made an errorand felt sick with guilt and he had no way to phone me up. I came home, just barely making the last trains all the way back to New Cross really mad at myself and feeling wretched. That night I dreamt that I was looking for my cuz all over London and running into everyone but, other cousins, old frinds and roommates, just not Kent. I finally got an e-mail from him on sunday at around noon. He didn't make it in to the country. He was put in a cell and sent back to where he flew in from, Prague. I feel bad for being so distracted with everything else that I wasn't able to give him the debreif about how to handle himself in customs--I know full well what tight asses they can be--but ultimately, given the answers he provided to thier questions, it wasn't unreasonable for them not to let him in. So no visit from the cuz.

Sunday, now aware that I didn't need to worry about my cuz, I cleaned my room and packed my bags while watching the new Dr. Who.  That night, Charlotte, Rob and I went out for a few drinks at Amersham and the Albert, we were supposed to get dinner as well but we were too late for the Sunday Roast. Rob and I hung at mine drinking beers and eating kababs and skyping Andy, Raye and my folks. Now he really is jazzed about coming to Seattle when he comes to the states and he said he had a blast in the conversation. Then watched Scott Pilgrim and hit the hay.

Today, I've been mostly cleaning and clearing out my room after I escorted a still very limping Rob to the station for the begining of his long trek back to York. I've got rid of all the stuff I can't take with me, I've mailed my posters home. In the early afternoon, I went out to central to say my farewell to the city. I got off at London Bridge, walked along the South Bank to wobbly bridge and across, along to Embankment and Trafalgar Square, back across the river the Festival Hall. Obviously not a walk walk. (I had already thrown away my tired walking shoes.) But more to just see Tower Bridge, St. Pauls, Big Ben and the River one last time.  I met up with James for a good bye beer and farewell. He brought me a book as a good bye present. Took my last tube journay home from Waterloo and read the standard.

Tonight more cleaning, a farewell drink with my mate Kristine and good bye to the Amersham and a last hand out with Charl, while I help her download skype. Then, tonight I'll post my big goodbye post and tomorrow, I fly home. eagerly awaiting the moment I get to hug and kiss Andy, see Raye, my gay boy and my rents. I've been visualizaing that moment in my head so many times, I just want to get to it allready.   


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Sep. 5th, 2011 06:20 pm (UTC)
I still can't believe it's already been a year! Good luck on your travels and hopefully see yah soon ;)
Sep. 5th, 2011 08:59 pm (UTC)
Wow, a year is done already! I'm sure Andy can't wait to have you back, and I know the girls are ready. :-)
Sep. 6th, 2011 01:52 am (UTC)
We can't wait to see you love. A year has been too long. I know you'll miss London and everyone there, but we'll go back.
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