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Home sweet home: Catching up

Andy's gone to work and it's just me and Sparky chillin in the apartment. I'm having my morning coffee before I tackle my domestic "to do" list of unpacking and re-aranging stuff in the apartment. I thought I'd take this wake up time to catch up a bit on the past (almost) week.

Travel day to get home was a very long day. After checking out of my dorm room I took a coach (charter bus) to Victorial coach station, then had to transfer to another coach to Heathrow. Then it was a flight to Iceland, and changing to the flight to Seattle. It was a very long day. Unfortunitly through the flights I couldn't sleep so I didn't get more than about 45 minutes of shut eye. I did, however read almost an entire novel--the last novel I purchased in London. When I finally got into SeaTac I went through customs and got my bags there before I was realesed into the baggage claim area. Andy, my rents, Raye and Samuel were there to meet me but I wasn't sure where they were. I got out of the customs area into baggage claim and looked around and didn't see any familiar faces. It really bothereed me. I had no cell phone. No US change for a pay phone and I didn't know where my ride was. I was exhausted and worried and sad that my big airport welcome back was ruined. I walked back and fourth through baggage claim about four times, crying and in a panic, when I finally found a currency exchange where I could get my pounds ganged and get some quarters. I got totally ripped off too, for 15 pounds the woman only gave me 16 USD after the charge. I called my dad and they were seriously only about 40 feet away or something and walked over to meet me so I was crying in hystarics when I hugged them all instead of crying of happiness. That was a pitty. We got into two cars and headed to Cap Hill to go to Charlies. So bit of trivia, the first thing I ate upon my return to the US--the fried cheese at Charlies. Yum!

Being back in Seattle felt weird at first but obviously familiar and really, ultimately right. I loved coming up to that bend in I-5 coming from the airport where the city skyline suddenly pops into view. That's always been my favorite part of driving home from the airport and being greeted by seattle. The weather has been so lovely as well. There was sideways rain while I was waiting for the coach in New Cross with Charlotte. (Charlote and I got a tearful London goodbye in the rain, like in a film.) On Wednesday, Andy a I did a bit of driving around and such to get reaquainted. We went to GasWorks park for a little bit and enjoyed that view of the city. We then drove over to West Seattle and sat at the park with the panoramic view of downdown for a while. There were sealions barking off in the distance and it was just lovely. It was great to see all the views from all the different bridges we crossed. And to see all the boats and the crisp, blue sound, the Olympic mountains. It's so beautiful. I notice now I do look at it all in a different light, but not in any bad way. If anything I"m apreciating how beautiful it is. I'm also constantly thinking of what I would want to show my London friends should they come to visit but I need to stop that becasue it'll be at least a year before that ever happens.

Andy had the apartment all cleaned up and pretty for me coming home. He made sure that I had everything I'm going to need here. Sparky gave me the cold shoulder for the first couple of days but I think it's come back to him who I am. He took Wed, Thurs & Fri off of work to be with me and we spent a lot of time just holding each other, enjoying a relationship not reliant on skype. Andy and I, for the most part planned for those days to be "our time" but we also met up for drinks with Cathy & Doug in Ballard on Thursday night and on Firday we did a Costco run with Raye for the cakes for Saturday's party and stopped off at Melrose and said hello to Arik & Marvin. It felt weird to be in Raye's apartment (I need to make an efforrt to say "Raye's apartment" becasue It's not mine anymore). One side of the front room looked exactly the same but the other side, and on the walls and such there was all this new stuff. It was odd but I'll get used to it.

Okay I need to get started on unpacking and such so I'll jump to the weekend. On Saturday Andy and I went to go get me a temporary cell phone. Afterwards, since we were already up in Shoreline on 99, we went up to the old Funtasia in Edmonds (now owned by someone else and not and decrepid as it used to be, sad) and played some mini golf and splurged and went on go-karts! I haven't been on a go-kart in YEARS! It was sooo much fun! I had a big stupid smile on my face the whole time. (Mind you, having never learned to drive, any chance I do is a complete novelty!) I also won at mini golf by one point! Woo!

My party at the Rendezvous was lovely. There were people from the theatre, the Melrose crew, friends from SU my rents, and the standard group of my mates that I've missed so much. It was hot as hell in the upstairs but the drinks were a flowin' and I was just happy to see everyone. Thinking about it now, I remember early on in London when I was afraid that I wouldn't make any friends, the culture shock of the huge-fuck off good bye party I had to being alone. I think it's important to remember that feeling and how lucky I am to be so very loved in Seattle. I missed my friends so much while I was away. It was delightful to see everyone again. It was fun this time too becasue as opposed to "i'll see you in a year" I got to hug people and say "I'll see you at the schmee" or "I'll see you for Top Model!" That felt good.  I was pleased to say I didn't get too trollied while I was there and came back in one piece.

Sunday, Andy and I went over to the rent's. The guys watched sports while I showed my mum one of the DVDs I brought home of the Sherlock series. It was so lovely to have one of my mum's delicious cocktails. Seeing the Sunday gatherings on skype I was often jealous of seeing everyone with a kamacozi or margareta in thier hands. My dad even made creamy goodness, Kaluha milkshakes for desert at the end of the night. That perfectly topped the night off. I also pulled some of my boxes out of my parent's storage space. I motsly took books, and a lot of stuff had to stay with them as Andy and I have a lot of stuff and are sharing a little apartment.

Speaking of which I should get to it. I'm a big neard and am looking forward to putting my books away and making the place a bit more Mir. I'm happy to be home. Happy to be back with Andy. Happy to be reaquainted with all my fab friends. I think I might hit a point where I get sad and miss London, but honesltly for now, I'm just ever so happy to be home.

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