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Stuff and things

This week concludes my first week of "housewife life" while Andy goes to work and I'm at home. I've got all my books put away and most stuff packed away, short of a box of stuff I don't need anymore and need to throw out and some stuff that simply wont fit in our little linnin closet. I've been trying to keep the place as tidy as possible.

I've been taking some walks in the mornings. On Tuesday I walked into Ballard and over to the locks and back via Magnolia. On Wednesday, I walked over to Freemont and Gas Works park and back. I got in the habit of mapping walks and sharing them here but I guess it's not really necessary now that I'm just in old Seattle. I'm still mapping the walks but that's more to plan a route and make sure I'm hitting my milage marks. I've been walking in a flat city for too long. That one hill in Greenwich Park was not enough to keep me used to hill climbing for Seattle's urban walks. It sucks too because where Andy & I live, there's really no way to end the walk with out a two block steep climb. I'll get back into the groove of it soon, little by little. But what's most striking is when I plan my route on a map and then when it comes to it I see a big hill in front of me and I'm mad at myself for forgetting that was there. Yesterday I walked downtown along Westlake and on the walk home went my old "fun way" along the waterfront and Mertyl Edwards & Interbay.

Been eating pretty well this week. Andy cooks a nice diner when he gets home in the evenings (last night we had salmon!). On Wednesday Andy, Raye and I went to a taco truck in Ballard that was awesome!! I missed good Mexican food SO MUCH while I was in London. If I had Mexican I made it myself but the ingredients from the store I had to work with were aimed for the British pallate and was far from authentic (the salsa came in a squeeze bottle and was essentially glorified ketchup and the enchilada sause was more sweet than spicy and pico de gyo simply didn't exist unless I took the time to make it myself, which I could have done I suppose if I weren't so lazy). Anyway the Taco truck parked by the Ballard Safeway is really damn good! I was in heaven! Plus I tried a few bites of what Raye was having and I tried beef cheek for the first time--melt in your mouth goodness! Yesterday I walked downtown to meet Raye after work and Cathy for lunch at Salumi. I had so many crappy sandwiches in the UK (with the exception of one amazing pannini) that my Salumi sandwich was the best sandwich I've had since the last sandwich I had at Salumi before I left for London. Tonight I'm meeting Andy at his work and going to happy hour with his co-workers at McCormicks. Looking forward to their little happy hour plates--though I have to abstain from oysters on the half shell because that's something Raye and Sam was us all to go have together soon.

Speaking of meeting co-workers, I stopped by the daycare (my old work) before meeting Raye & Cathy for lunch yesterday. Some people were really excited to see me others, indifferent. It was nice to see Marna & Phim especially. Apparently Terry retired at the end of last year. Also I guess the fire department came in a demanded the office be cleaned up, so it looked great and I was so pleased that I didn't have to deal with that. Some people were asking if, now that I'm done with school, I would come back to work. I just said that I wasn't ready to get back to work yet and was focused on writing & publishing for the time. Which is true. I'm not looking for other reason that aren't everyone's business anyway. But that's also a nice way of saying that I'm not coming back. If it came to really me needing money, say while I was looking for work elsewhere, I might not object to coming in doing like one 8 hour day a week to like pick up some of Terry's duties of posting stuff on QuickBooks or something but it sounds like they have an off-site bookkeeper at the moment. Besides I didn't go another 55K into debt for an English masters only to end up bookkeeping. Still I'd like to go get coffee or lunch with Marna sometimes because she was a good boss and a really caring person.

Speaking of work. I haven't been writing this week but I have dedicated myself to researching publications to shop my work. I've been going through the listings in my 2008 Writer's Market book, checking the websites of the publications that sound promising and making sure they're still around (many of the ones that published all new writers or were new in 2008 are now defunct). It's really time consuming and I'm just sifting through the listings and picking out only ones that pertain to me and take simultaneous submissions, etc, etc. I want to finish that sifting today, hopefully so I can move on next week. The hard part is going to be reading these publications before I submit. If I had loads of money I could buy a copy of each one, but if I were to do that I'd already probably spend more than a hundred bucks on back issues just on the ones I've picked out so far. I went to the Seattle Public Library yesterday to see if they had any LIterary Magazines but they only had mags like The Paris Review and Granta--way out of my league and don't take unsolicited material. I thought that maybe the Hugo House might have a good collection but my membership expired while I was away. I guess if they do have such a collection dropping $50 on a membership is still less than buying one issue of all these things. Or whatever I could find at Barnes & Noble I could sit and read until they tell me to buy something. Anyway, I need to get it together and send out a handful of submissions between now and December, when the reading period ends for many of the mags under a college press.
Yep. So that's my week. I should move on to cleaning and get back to my research project.


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Sep. 16th, 2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Bulldog News has a good selection of lit mags that accept submissions. Just bring a camera and snap a pic of their mailing addresses or just of the covers, then look them up later. There are a couple Seattle and Northwest ones.
Sep. 16th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
All of the address info is easy to find on-line. I need to read some of the stuff they publish though to see if I'm writing the kind of things they put out. But that's good to know. Is Bulldog still where it used to be on the Ave? I haven't been to the U-District since I got back yet.

ps-my condolences about your kitty.
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