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Getting Reaquainted

I've decided that, after years of being a Capitol Hill kid, I really like where I'm living right now in Interbay/Queen Anne. Yes, it's practically the same area as my parent's house where I was living in undergrad but at the same time it's not. Or I guess I'm not the same because I love walking now. Now all I can see is how central and convienient this spot is, considering my main mode of transport when Andy's not around is my own two feet. I can get to Ballard in a half hour or less. I can get to Freemont very easily. Yesterday I walked over to the U-District and back no problem. I have two beautiful water-view walks to choose from to get to downtown. I haven't walked to The Hill or anything yet but that's not much of a stretch from walking down town. I'm even finding things and routes in Seattle I didn't know about. I think going to London and exploring made me want to be more adventerous all the time now. I discovered the part of the Burke Gillman Trail in Freemont along the canal that I didn't know was there. I discovered a shortcut back hom on Queen Anne via this stiar passage way. I hope I discover more things about my city and take that desire to explore that I had in London and apply it to my home life. I guess when you've lived someplace most of your life you tend to just go the ways you always go and don't think to explore and get lost.

The one thing I wish there was closer to my apartment was a park to take Sparky. There's a sports park down Dravus, but that's a bit far and busy and not the kind of park I'm thinking of. I'm just thinking a little square block of green with a bench where I could take Sparky, preerably without a hill though that is too much to ask when you live on Queen Anne, and he could sniff around and I could sit read and smoke a cigarette. It was so nice yesterday, after my walk to the U-District, I got home and didn't want to be in but didn't have somewhere to go that was free nearby where I could relax and take Sparky with me to enjoy the outdoors a little bit. So that's my one complaint though it's not going to matter soon as fall is on it's way.

What else. I'm back to bartending at the theatre. A lot has changed at the theatre, at least cosmetically. The bar has been rebuilt and the bathrooms have changed. The new bar looks really great and offers a lot more room for the bartender but it'll still take a little bit of getting used to. The bathrooms, I have to admit, I don't like at all anymore, but I've ben warned not to say anything to Michal to changed them unless I want to get in an argument. Some little procedural things have changed that I'll just have to get in the habbit of doing as well. So yeah, for most of the run I'll be working Thursday and Friday nights. So that will be a little bit of money for me. It is good to be back in a city where I feel I'm a part of something. Not that I minded just being a spectator for a year in London but it is good to feel like you have a place you belong and are part of a comunity.

Well I should mosey. Got some reading to do before I walk downtown to meet my mum and have lunch. Speaking of lunch, Andy took me out to Wasabi Bistro last night. I've known it was good but I always figured it was out of my price range so I never went.Last night was my first time. SO GOOD! Andy and I stuffed ourselves silly with sushi and saki. An excellent way to spend a Tuesday night. (Seeing as how my Thursday and Fridays are busy for the next four weeks or so)


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Sep. 22nd, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)
I love our location as well ... along with the neighbors, neighborhood and more. The only downsides are: it's not a two-bedroom and there's not a bar within easy stumbling distance.
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