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Stuff and things

Ugh, I think I'm getting a cold. I've got a sore throat and am all sneezy and congested. Boo. I'll fight it.

Yesterday marks the one month of my being home. It feels busy. There's been a fair bit of socializing, trying to make time to see people, on a one on one basis when possible. Yet at the same time I feel I haven't gotten much done either. I've done research for publication. I sent off one of my stories from portfolio to a publication. Perhaps I should have waited to hear back about my portfolio before I did that but I just felt like I needed to get my punk ass to send something out. I'm going to send out more next week after I get my damn cover letter decent. Yes I'm still struggling with that but I'm seeking help from a friend this weekend.

I love living with Andy.  I'm very happy in the evenings when he comes home, makes dinner and we sit on the couch together with a Sparky on our laps. In fact that's how we spent most of yesterday when Andy was home with a sick day. I look forward to him coming home every day. After a year apart it's so wonderful to fall asleep in his arms every night.

I haven't so much consciencely been missing London, but at least three nights this week I've dreamed about it. That reminded me this morning (along with something my friend Kat from London said of FB) that I never got around to posting my list I put together of the things I thought I was going to miss about London. I put it together in the weeks leading up to my coming home and meant to post it before I left but I just got too swamped. So I figure I'll post it now, with an addition I've noticed since I got home.

I'll do it behind the cut though...

Things I’m going to Miss about Living in London
The tube
Reading the Standard on the tube in pm rush hour
Stumbling across filmings in progress
The aesthetics of the bricks & chimneys
The architecture
The history
The various street markets
The plethora of accents and languages heard all around
Escalator etiquette
 The pubs (especially old, historical ones)
Meat pies & sausage rolls
Free museums
The West End/Theatre
The pace and densitity of the people
The famous, monuments, sights and seeing them regularly (Big Ben, St. Pauls, Trafalgar Square)
The big train stations
The Thames
Docklands & maritime London
The aesthetic of taxis and double decker buses
The chocolate!
BBC iPlayer & Channel 4OD
The Ammerhsam
Informative bus stop information*
Thing’s I’m not going to miss
Living in a dorm
Pigeons flying in my face
The terror of falling down the stairs on a double decker bus

*This is something I've added since I got home. Once I learned how to read the info posted at bus stops in London they were endlessly helpful.Not only could it tell you where you could go if you hopped on a bus, but it also gave you a little map of the area you were, which I found was always helpful when you knew you were kinda around where you were supposed to be but not 100% of which way you needed to go. You weren't lost for too long so long as you saw a bus stop near by. I've noticed since I got home that mostly I didn't remember all what bus goes where, (and they motherfuckin' changed the routes on me while I was away, I've found out!) I'm finding the little info at bus stops not very helpful. (mind you I now live somewhere different than where I used to and have new buses nearby). It helps me put the city in a differennt light I've never noticed as a local before. It seems like the Seattle bus rider attitude is that one should intrinsically know these things or rely on the trip planner on the website, which whille you're already out is impossible if you don't have a smart phone. It's weird to see an outsider's view point, but looking back on it, it's totally true. I used to get so annoyed when people asked questions to the driver on buses that I took regularly, thinking to myself "you mean you don't know..." ha.
Also, not that I can get lost in Seattle as easily as I could in London, as I've lived here for so long. But I'm interested in exploring more now that I'm back and though I've found that though the sinage is much better than I remembered, I just miss the useful maps at bus stops to afirm I'm where I'm supposed to be. Maybe not as important in this town as the first problem I mentioned.
Sorry that turned into a bit of a rant.


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Oct. 11th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
Awww, I LOVE living with you as well!

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