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Halloween (a bit belated)

So for the past two Halloweens I've been in London, so this was my first Halloween at home since 2008. Crazy, no?. Naturally I did what had become tradition of seeing Glenn or Glenda. Andy, Raye, Ryan and I went and I ran into some familiar faces once there, like the Halligans and others. The show was freaking awesome! I had a blast and Andy was really impressed by how good they were. It's a pitty that this was the first year Andy could see them because it was their last show.  I think they went out with a good bang. I was fully into it and it seemed to go by so quickly. It seemed like one minute we were finding ourselves at our spot in front of the stage and just a few minuets later it was over and people were invited up on the stage for one last sing along. Good times.

The next day I went over to Raye's and we shared a hangover day of Anthony Bourdain and Mitch Headberg, like old times. Andy was at home hungover as well and didn't hear me come in and I scared the crap out of him when he finally heard me rustling around in the kitchen. I missed my opportunity to properly scare him, I should have grabbed a kitchen knife or something. *evil laugh*

Sunday, Andy and I still didn't have a costume together for Halloween so we hit up Good Will and Value Village to see what we could pull together we ended up with zombie tourists and I got a most hideous old lady outfit.

I'm in a rush to get out and take my walk so I'll just jump to pictures.

Andy and Ryan at Glennor Glenda.

Me making a kind of muppet face while waiting for the show to begin

Speaking of muppets, there was a puppet part of the show.

Uhhhhh, which way to the buffet table?

See my horrible outfit? Raye is Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction

Samuel takes a shot of Jameson from the shotglass Raye got for him at the Jameson Distillery when we were in Dublin. This is a cristening.

Dorothy tastes of vegetarian.


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